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Splunk and PSFK Identify 3 Pillars for Omnichannel Optimization

How retailers are transforming end-to-end operations with cloud, data and AI-enabled solutions
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The Omnichannel Optimization report by retail media company PSFK in partnership with Splunk presents three areas of focus — omnichannel operations, digital service reliability, and retail security and compliance — for retailers to deliver a truly connected customer experience, from discovery through post-purchase fulfillment and support, all while staying ahead of performance issues to better delight both shoppers and employees.  

With data-driven digital technologies moving businesses from a reactive to a proactive business model, retailers are improving efficiencies, elevating the consumer experience through improved infrastructure and application reliability, and building consumer trust by ensuring security and privacy.

Supported with key trends and expert insights, the Splunk and PSFK Omnichannel Optimization report will help retailers develop a data-first strategy that helps: 

  • Align inventory and demand through connected supply chains and transparent collaboration
  • Balance customer experience and customer privacy to instill greater trust
  • Provide greater visibility and monitoring across channels, from click to purchase to fulfillment

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