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Norlys An Introduction to Incident Response with Splunk Phantom

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Watch Tibor Földesi, Security Analyst explain how Norlys has been using Splunk ES and Phantom for two years and how Phantom's flexible app model supports hundreds of tools and thousands of unique APIs, enabling you to connect and coordinate complex workflows across teams and tools. In describing Phantom, Tibor used a LEGO brick example:.

"Imagine if you have a box of LEGO bricks, but you are not really sure what you actually want to build just yet. Phantom is here to help you to organize and guide you to the building process, like the building manuals for LEGO sets: You can follow those, or you can go wild and follow your imagination.".

Watch the session from SplunkLive! Stockholm to hear Norlys's 5 step journey with Splunk Phantom, specific use cases and how thanks to Splunk, the team can now work less, and drink more coffee!

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