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ISMG Webinar: Partnering to Achieve Maturity in Zero Trust

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No vendor can sell you an out-of-the-box zero trust architecture, because zero trust (ZT) is more than just products or infrastructure. It’s a philosophy, a mindset, a strategy and a framework.

A zero trust approach means treating any network as compromised and assuming that threats — both external and internal — are always present. But it can’t be a static solution. It needs to grow and evolve, just as your business does over time.

In this on-demand panel, experts from Splunk, DTEX, Illumio, Okta and Zscaler explore why organizations need an open ecosystem of vendors for a mature zero trust architecture. Be sure to tune to learn about:

  • The principles of an effective zero trust strategy.
  • What a mature zero trust architecture looks like.
  • How Splunk can help you with an integrated, open ZT ecosystem.

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