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Getting the Most Out of Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

System downtime results in poor customer experience and millions of dollars in lost revenue annually for companies in nearly every industry. In many cases, the underlying infrastructure — servers, containers and even the cloud environment — are the cause of the problem. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for IT operations and SRE teams to quickly and easily spot or predict the source of the problem in their infrastructure. They need a consolidated view across the infrastructure stack to pinpoint which layer is causing the issue. With Splunk, customers can integrate all data sources into a searchable repository to easily troubleshoot and monitor their environment.

Watch this .conf18 session to learn:

  • How Splunk captures complex interactions between infrastructure and application components
  • How customers reduced mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR)
  • How to get started with Splunk to resolve problems faster, reduce downtime and increase customer satisfaction
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