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Find What's Broken Fast With Splunk ITSI and Event Analytics

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The problem with data centers is that they generate a lot of events – from low-level disk warnings to critical network issues to service-level failures. While you can create manual rules to filter out some of the noise, this often isn’t enough. How do you navigate this flood of events and prioritize the ones that truly matter? How do you relate these critical events to the same core issue, and ensure everyone has the same understanding of the impacted service, relative priority and likely root cause?

Watch this ondemand webinar to learn how you can use Splunk IT Service Intelligence and machine learning to:

  • Monitor real-time data and be alerted when an anomaly occurs
  • Automatically correlate data to generate highly qualified information, so you can take fast action
  • Enable users to investigate with context, priority and importance, so they are empowered to take actions faster

Featured Speakers:

Alok Bhide
Principal Product Manager of ITOA
Priya Balakrishnan
Product Marketing Director

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