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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Employee Resource Groups

Splunk’s nine Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an essential component of our culture of belonging 


Splunk ERGs: Community, Allyship, and Connection

Splunk’s Employee Resource Groups are dedicated to fostering a sense of community across diverse identities through their robust programming and commitment to inclusive leadership. This work expands beyond individual identities, establishing an environment where members and allies alike play a pivotal role in championing and uplifting every Splunker. Join us on our collective journey toward creating a culture of belonging for all.

Every Splunker Has a Story: Million Data Points

From passions to personal experience, every Splunker brings a rich tapestry of perspectives and insights. We are so much more than our job titles or demographics. We are all a Million Data Points. And we love celebrating it.



Black Employees Achieve More at Splunk (BEAMS) is dedicated to equipping members with the access, vision, skills and knowledge needed to flourish and thrive at Splunk.



Disabled=True fosters an inclusive community that champions accessibility, equity, and the empowerment of individuals with disabilities in their personal and professional lives.



Our Natives ERG is a community for Splunkers who identify as Native American, American Indian, Indigenous, First Nations/Peoples, sovereign tribal citizens and our allies for the purpose of growing Native representation and awareness at Splunk. 



Neurodiversity believes that every brain is different, and every brain belongs. The Neurodiversity ERG fosters a neuro-inclusive environment to eliminate the stigma that is commonly experienced as a result of neurodevelopmental and mental health conditions.



Pilipinx represents the people who are native to or identify with the Philippines as part of their ethnic and/or cultural identity. The group focuses on increasing the representation of Pilipinx employees while educating and promoting Pilipinx culture and community.



Pride is committed to fostering an inclusive and accepting workplace for LGBTQ+ employees and allies. Their focus areas include enhancing corporate policies for LGBTQ+ inclusion, providing educational and social opportunities, and creating spaces for open dialogue where LGBTQ+ employees and allies come together and celebrate their identities. 



Splunk’s vibrant SOMOS community fosters career growth, celebrates the breadth of Latinx cultural identities, and champions visibility for Latinx employees and allies. Through engaging events like "cafecitos" and leadership showcases, SOMOS builds bridges and strengthens Splunk's inclusive culture. Juntos, SOMOS builds a brighter future for all.



Veterans is composed of active and former service members and is dedicated to unifying and growing Splunk’s global veteran community by amplifying the advantages veterans bring to our business and culture and developing initiatives to retain and develop veterans at all levels.



Womxn+ is designed to foster, empower and grow a diverse, womxn-led community. We collaborate with and elevate one another to advance gender equality and intersectional advocacy while creating opportunities for conversation and community building through events, career development, industry thought leadership and allyship programs.

My leadership role in Somos ERG has reinforced my belief that fostering a sense of community and belonging enhances our collective purpose and intent.

Estela Baca (she/her), Sales Engineer and the SOMOS lead

ERG community stories

We are committed to each other’s success.

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