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Work smarter — not harder — with Splunk SOAR

Respond to security incidents faster and cut dwell time with automated detection, investigation and response.

Harness the full power of your existing Splunk investment and take your team from overwhelmed to in control.


operationalize-threat-intelligence operationalize-threat-intelligence

Maximize your investment with Splunk SOAR.

Take the value and support offered by your existing Splunk products and improve your data security with the integration of Splunk's automation and orchestration capabilities into your IT and security stack.

strengthen-your-security-posture strengthen-your-security-posture

Start automating security tasks right out of the box.

Choose from 100 premade playbooks or build your own to help your security team go from reactive to proactive and focus on mission-critical objectives to protect your business.

group group

Go from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.

Work faster with Splunk SOAR. Respond to threats in seconds. Lower your mean time to respond (MTTR) by automating security tasks and workflows across all of your security tools.

Security orchestration, automation and response for the modern SOC

Find out how Splunk SOAR can help your organization work smarter, respond faster and strengthen your defenses.

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Work smarter. Increase efficiency and productivity. Investigate and respond in seconds.