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Surescripts Standardizes on Splunk Software to Target Healthcare Fraud

Largest Health Information Network Replaces Legacy Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solution with Splunk Enterprise

SAN FRANCISCO - May 20, 2015 - Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), provider of the leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, today announced that Surescripts, the nation’s largest health information network, has standardized on Splunk® software for information security and risk management to continue its crackdown on healthcare fraud. Splunk Enterprise empowers Surescripts to sift through billions of annual electronic prescriptions and other health data transactions among doctors, pharmacies and health plans, and analyze the data to help uncover fraudulent activity. To learn more, read the Surescripts case study on the Splunk website.

“Healthcare fraud costs medical providers, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and patients billions of dollars per year. Surescripts uses Splunk software to pinpoint and help put a stop to those trying to take advantage of our customers,” said Paul Calatayud, chief information security officer, Surescripts. “Splunk software helps us analyze data to stop healthcare fraud at all levels of the supply chain. Splunk software is also used by our security operations center as our security intelligence platform and for IT operations—delivering insights across the organization and minimizing our total cost of ownership.”

Fraud investigations can take months or years to complete, but Splunk Enterprise helps many organizations detect fraud much faster. Citing a need for faster and deeper analysis, Surescripts replaced its legacy SIEM solution with Splunk Enterprise to gain a real-time understanding of breaches and to assist with incident investigations. For instance, Surescripts has an automatic alert for whenever a doctor self-prescribes a medication, so its fraud teams can investigate. Surescripts also uses Splunk dashboards to track core data like state, drug, age and prescriber to easily identify spikes in velocity or geographic hot spots. Multiple teams across the organization are using Splunk Enterprise, including the security, IT, server, network, database and development teams.

“Organizations cannot fight fraud unless they first know it happened, and that is a big data analytics challenge ideally suited for Splunk software,” said Haiyan Song, senior vice president of security markets, Splunk. “It is great to see companies such as Surescripts rely on Splunk software to help stop fraud in its tracks.”

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