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New Report Identifies Untapped Opportunity in Operational Intelligence for 4 in 5 Businesses

Quocirca Outlines Potential of Machine Data; Launches First Operational Intelligence Maturity Index

LONDON - 20 March, 2014 - Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), provider of the leading software platform for real-time operational intelligence, today announced the publication of Masters of Machines,a new report from analyst firm Quocirca. The report reveals that 82% of European businesses believe they could benefit from the use of operational intelligence by collecting, storing and analyzing real-time and historical machine data to gain insights that would not otherwise be available.

The report also launches the first Operational Intelligence Maturity Index, which gives businesses a rating from 0 to 3 based on their ability to: search and investigate; proactively monitor; provide operational visibility; and deliver real-time business insights from big data. Overall, European companies scored an average of 1.92 - between poor and some capability - indicating that although they recognise the potential of machine data, in practice they have not yet fully harnessed operational intelligence.

“True operational intelligence uses the data generated by machines to access, tune and improve IT and business processes, identify security threats, highlight performance issues and spot emerging customer trends,” said Bob Tarzey, analyst, Quocirca. “Those companies who will gain the most value are those that start using machine data - everything from customer clickstreams and transaction records to logs and feeds from applications, servers, network activity and sensors - to enable practical business decision making. Making sure the right technologies are in place for better data capture and improved analysis of large volumes of machine data is essential to achieve this.”

In addition, the report finds:

  • 83% of organizations admit that they would like to improve, or aren't currently getting, real-time business insight from their machine data.
  • Within European businesses, it is IT managers that have the best view of operational intelligence with over half (56%) having a comprehensive view.
  • This compares to just 35% of board level executives, 28% of marketing managers and 27% of product managers who respondents believed have a comprehensive view of operational intelligence.

“Advanced IT departments are accustomed to using insights from machine data to streamline processes and resolve issues, and successful security teams also regularly analyse IT data to identify potential threats,” said James Murray, vice president and general manager of EMEA, Splunk, “The real breakthrough comes when organisations use the operational data already being viewed by IT and security to provide wider business insights in real-time, ultimately aiding better decisions.”

When it comes to operational intelligence maturity, industries are ranked in the following order:

  • Telecoms - 2.23
  • Finance - 1.98
  • Retail, transport and distribution - 1.92
  • Gaming 1.91
  • Other commercial - 1.90
  • Manufacturing - 1.82

Telecoms and finance stand out because they are more ‘transactive’ than other industries, with 111,000 and 66,000 IT-driven transactions per day respectively generating considerable machine data, compared to an average volume of 40,445.

To learn more, join Bob Tarzey, analyst, Quocirca and Matt Davies, director of product marketing, Splunk for ‘Masters of Machines: Gaining business insight from IT operational intelligence’ an online webinar on Thursday April 3, 2014 at 10:00am BST/11:00am CET.

Visit to register, attend and review further information.


Quocirca surveyed 380 companies in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. 
The full report can be downloaded here.

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