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Splunk Customers and Partners Praise Splunk Enterprise 6

.conf2013, LAS VEGAS - October 1, 2013 Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), the leading software platform for real-time operational intelligence, today announced the general availability of Splunk® Enterprise 6, the latest version of the company's award-winning platform for machine data. Many Splunk customers and partners expect the powerful and fast analytics of Splunk Enterprise 6 to transform the way they unlock the value of machine data. Download Splunk Enterprise 6 today and learn more by watching the Splunk Enterprise 6 video.

Splunk Customers on Splunk Enterprise 6

B2W - The largest e-commerce retail business in Latin America.

"E-commerce is a competitive global business, and B2W, Brazil's largest online retailer, considers Splunk Enterprise 6 a secret weapon," said Roberto Mendes Besick, Splunk consultant, B2W. "Splunk Enterprise 6 will help us deliver a stronger experience to our customers and the products they most want through our digital channels. The IT analytics are incredibly fast and the new design of the user interface is a masterpiece of usability while still retaining familiarity for advanced Splunk users."

CJ O Shopping - The cable home shopping channel owned by South Korean conglomerate CJ Group.

"The core value of Splunk Enterprise 6 goes beyond our IT engineers. It presents a significant opportunity for business users and developers to eliminate their fear of data," said Chulhyun Cho, e-commerce development team leader, CJ O Shopping. "We expect a dramatic increase in the number of business users that will use the platform thanks to the new analytics features. For advanced Splunk users, pivot powered by data models makes it incredibly easy to build dynamic dashboards and fluid visualizations, which means our analysts can manipulate any data they want to analyze. Splunk Enterprise 6 is also very attractive to developers because it makes it easier to build insightful visualizations for our internal users."

IG - A world-leading provider of contracts for difference, financial spread betting, and the UK's largest forex provider.

"The advancements in Splunk Enterprise 6 could significantly extend the return on investment IG enjoys from Splunk software by making the data we collect and index in Splunk available to non-technical users," said Glenn Sinclair, Linux systems engineer, IG. "The data model and pivot enable our Splunk experts to create views of data that our business users can easily interact with and analyze."

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - A multiprogram science and technology laboratory managed for the U.S. Department of Energy by UT-Battelle, LCC.

"Security analysts at Oak Ridge National Laboratory utilize Splunk Enterprise to analyze large volumes of diverse machine data streaming in real time," said Jesse Trucks, cyber security engineer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. "It is vital these analysts be able to directly manipulate and interact with the data to quickly obtain operational security intelligence. Splunk Enterprise 6 will enable many more analysts to discover patterns and generate information from our data with the new visualization capabilities."

PostFinance - A leading financial services institution in Switzerland.

"At PostFinance, exceptional customer service has kept us in business for over 100 years. Splunk Enterprise gives us insights from our data that help us deliver a great online experience," said Roger Bigler, team leader for Splunk, PostFinance. "Splunk Enterprise 6 provides a more powerful yet incredibly easy-to-use way to interact with and visualize machine-generated business data so we can share consistent views of the data, increasing the speed with which we deliver service to our customers."

Swisslos - The leading provider of lottery, sports betting, bingo and a whole range of lottery ticket offerings in Switzerland.

"Splunk Enterprise 6 is game changing for Swisslos where Splunk software is already critical in keeping our online games running, especially in meeting peak demands," said Joris Vuffray, network and systems management team leader, Swisslos. "Generating reports was easy in the previous version of Splunk software, but Splunk Enterprise 6 is so much faster it is at an entirely new level. The new analytics capabilities are faster and easier to utilize for business users while still incorporating new features for advanced users."

Trade Me - The leading online marketplace and classified advertising platform in New Zealand.

"Splunk Enterprise 6 is helping Trade Me deliver even greater insight from our machine data by bridging the gap between IT and the business," said Matt van Deventer, head of infrastructure, Trade Me. "As the leading online marketplace and classified advertising platform in New Zealand, we already analyze machine data in IT and the business to gain valuable insights. The data models and pivot in Splunk Enterprise 6 will enable my team to spend less time preparing that data and give the business analysts more time to make new discoveries, all with a sleek, new user interface."


Splunk Partners on Splunk Enterprise 6

Carahsoft Technology Corp. - A government IT solutions provider that delivers best-of-breed hardware, software and support solutions to federal, state and local government agencies.

"Splunk Enterprise 6 can be a transformative technology for public sector organizations," said Michael Shrader, vice president of Innovative and Intelligence Solutions, Carahsoft Technology Corp. "Carahsoft and our reseller partners have witnessed firsthand the insight and efficiencies that can be gained by analyzing massive sets of machine data. With Splunk Enterprise 6, this kind of return on investment is available to an even broader group by enabling non-technical users to more easily interact with and analyze data."

Forsythe - A technology and business consulting services company that helps CIOs and IT executives determine which areas of their IT hold the biggest opportunities for cost optimization.

"Forsythe is excited to help bring Splunk Enterprise 6 to market. The new features further drive the value organizations can derive from this groundbreaking software," said Jim Huisel, business development manager, Forsythe. "Splunk Enterprise 6 truly delivers powerful analytics for everyone - helping to extend the power of Splunk software to all corners of an enterprise."

Function1 - An enterprise technology software company that provides products, world-class services, customized solutions and timely support across all sectors of industry.

"The web framework in Splunk Enterprise 6 makes it much faster for developers to build custom Splunk modules and applications," said Ashish Bhutiani, CEO, Function1. "It lets us use existing skills to quickly plan and develop Splunk apps in JavaScript and Django, all without having to learn any new concepts."

Hurricane Labs - An information security firm that specializes in providing clients with personalized sets of information security solutions to better monitor their businesses.

"Splunk Enterprise 6 enables a holistic monitoring approach to your network in a single pane of glass," said Bill Mathews, chief technical officer, Hurricane Labs. "Not only are you able to search your logs but you can also build out operationally meaningful dashboards and reports that can actually help drive decision making."

LC Systems - A business that provides inventive consulting and technology to government and private sector clients.

"Splunk Enterprise 6 will bring incredible value to our customers by making them more efficient and productive," said Mika Borner, Management Consultant, LC Systems." As a Splunk reseller and integrator, the features in Splunk Enterprise 6 will enable us to have discussions with the broadest range of users in exciting, new use cases such as business analytics. We expect Splunk Enterprise 6 to have a tremendous impact on our business."

Tealium - A leader in enterprise tag management and digital data distribution services.

"Splunk Enterprise 6 gives marketing and digital analytics organizations a way to get a combined view of client- and server-side data for web and mobile usage analysis," said Mike Anderson, co-founder and chief technical officer, Tealium. "The easy-to-use interface, data models, pivot and power analytics features democratize the data generated by digital mediums for our joint customers. It enables them to gain instant value from their data."

Download Splunk Enterprise 6 today and learn more by watching the Splunk Enterprise 6 video.

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