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Transforming for the Future

How industry leaders harness the power of cloud
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As digital transformation becomes increasingly essential, organizations across industries and regions are shifting to a cloud- first strategy to enable new business operating models, become more agile and fuel success today and tomorrow.


Whether it’s McLaren reimagining Formula 1 racing or Domino’s reshaping pizza delivery, the most successful companies now see themselves as technology companies that monetize through their goods and services — and they’re using real-time data to do it. In this e-book, top industry leaders reveal their cloud transformation stories, including how:


Transforming for the Future
  • Domino’s, the world’s No. 1 pizza company, uses its 16 digital ordering channels and flexible cloud environment to deliver a satisfying customer experience.
  • McLaren Racing relies on a hybrid cloud infrastructure to accelerate race-car development and enable smart split-second decisions.
  • The U.S. Census Bureau’s digital and cloud transformation has unlocked new opportunities for efficiency and accuracy.

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