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Splunk App for Hyperledger Fabric

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Blockchains, like other IT systems, require monitoring to ensure performance and security. But unlike traditional IT systems, peer-to-peer consensus and governance are inherent in blockchain networks — posing a challenge for monitoring, analyzing and securing blockchain networks. Splunk is addressing this challenge with Splunk App for Hyperledger Fabric.

For enterprises that are using blockchain technology, the Splunk App for Hyperledger Fabric enables users to investigate, monitor, alert and act on data from Hyperledger Fabric and Distributed ledgers as well as surrounding IT, security and business infrastructure. The goal: to provide purpose-built functionality to support on-chain and off-chain analytics on Splunk.

With Splunk App for Hyperledger Fabric gain:

  • Visibility. See at a glance the orderers, peers, and other relevant components in your Hyperledger Fabric network and understand channel activity between organizations and peers.
  • Monitoring. Monitor system health including CPU, uptime status and transaction latency metrics. In real time, see when transactions are starting to back up or peer is falling behind on blocks.
  • Analytics. Empowered with real-time visibility, blend ledger data sent from peers with logs and metrics for a holistic view of a network’s health and uncover operational insights.

Download Splunk App for Hyperledger Fabric for infrastructure, security and business insights that will unblock your blockchain.


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