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White Paper

Masters of Machines III: Mitigating the Impact of Critical IT Events

New research reveals that Critical IT Events (CIE) cost the average European business millions per year.

A critical IT event occurs when a business application or infrastructure is down, resulting in halted business processes, or users unable to carry out transactions.

Register for your complimentary copy of this Quocirca research report to see:

  • The occurrence of CIEs within mid-sized and large businesses across Europe
  • The ultimate overall costs to IT and the business
  • The role operational intelligence can play in responding to CIEs

Legacy systems often operate in silos and IT teams can struggle to collect and correlate information from multiple technologies, making it difficult to monitor infrastructure and resolve issues when they occur. By analyzing the data generated across your IT environment in depth and in real time, you can gain the Operational Intelligence to troubleshoot quickly, reduce MTTR and ultimately cut the costs associated with critical IT events.

Rick Fitz, Senior Vice President of IT Markets, Splunk

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