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Rage WITH the machine, not against it: Machine learning for Event Management

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Your data centre creates a lot of events — from low-level disk warnings to critical network issues and even service-level failures. With so many events and false positives, how do you know which events are important and which ones to ‘throw away’? Your current rules-based tools don’t work they are inflexible, cannot handle event volumes from today’s transient infrastructures and do not provide actionable alerts that help you fix the important problems first. 

Watch this webinar to learn how Splunk IT Service Intelligence employs the power of machine learning to provide actionable human scale alerts with service context in an integrated solution, enabling IT teams to focus on fixing what’s broken quickly and easily. Learn how you can rapidly apply machine learning to:

  • Catch anomalous behavior to detect events before they become critical incidents
  • Avoid having to create manual rules and set adapt thresholds dynamically
  • Automatically correlate data to generate highly qualified information, so you can take fast action
  • Prioritize and speed up investigation on the most important incidents with service context


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