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Get an Insider’s View of the ITOA Software Market With IDC’s Latest Market Report

Find out what IDC considers most important for ITOA software (and why Splunk is ranked #1 in market share for the sixth consecutive year)
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The market for IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) is growing every year. So are the demands and expectations placed on IT teams. The right ITOA solution can be your key to meeting today’s complex IT monitoring and management challenges.

In their latest report, Worldwide IT Operations Analytics Software Market Shares, 2019, IDC lays out their definition of ITOA — what it is, what it does and what features and capabilities are required in an ITOA solution that can meet existing challenges and scale for the future. In addition to getting a better understanding of the players in the market and their market share (spoiler alert: Splunk ranks #1), you’ll find out what IDC thinks is important in ITOA:

  • What capabilities should an ITOA solution include?
  • What’s the relationship between ITOA and data, and how is it evolving?
  • How does the growth of cloud-based/SaaS ITOA solutions change the game?
  • How can departments other than IT get business value from ITOA?
  • What were the biggest developments in the ITOA market over the past year?
  • What advances and changes did each major vendor make?

IDC Worldwide IT Operations Analytics Software Market Shares, 2019: Market Growth Accelerates, Doc #US46806419, Tim Grieser, September 2020.

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