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Enabling Government for Modernized IT

Minimizing the impact of Critical IT Incidents in U.S. Public Sector
enabling government for modernized it

The U.S. Federal Government wants its agencies to modernize their IT systems, primarily by maximizing the use of cloud platforms. But IT teams are finding this transformation challenging. Investing in IT modernization can lead to more agility, improved resilience and security and, in the long term, better citizen services and improved agency reputations.

So how do government agencies avoid the hurdles of IT modernization to reap its rewards? Quocirca recently conducted a survey of U.S. public sector organizations to learn how they are making the transition and where more work still needs to be done. Download your complimentary copy of “Enabling Government for Modernized IT” to learn:

  • The biggest challenges government agencies are dealing with on their modernization journey
  • How to minimize the impact of critical IT incidents
  • The real cost of poor incident management

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