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Edge Processor

Best For

Splunk Admin
Splunk Analyst
Application Owner
Kubernetes Admin
DevOps Engineer
Executives (for dashboards or really bad alerts)


Project Description

Edge Processor allows you to perform processing of data from Splunk forwarders at the edge. Initially Edge Processor will support filtering, masking, and routing of any data received from Universal Forwarder (UF) or Heavyweight Forwarder (HWF). You can route processed data to destinations of your choice including Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud, S3 and other common destinations.

Your network of Edge Processors is managed from a Splunk Cloud, where you have a single unified point of visibility and control over data from edge to data destinations. Your data never leaves your data center unless you want it to. You centrally configure and manage processing and routing pipelines that can be applied to any Edge Processors in your environment. You can see the health of, and detailed metrics for, all of your inbound source data (agents), pipelines, destinations, as well as Edge Processor in an easy to use UI. And because Edge Processor is managed from the cloud, you don’t have to worry about the burden of maintaining, updating configurations, or patching your network of Edge Processors. At the same time, you run it on your infrastructure, so we can provide the basic Edge Processor offer for free.



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