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Mitigating Cyber Threats in Banking With Next-Generation Platforms


Forty-three percent of all reported cyberattacks occur in the financial services industry.

The reason? Most obviously, banks are where the money is and where the keys to the kingdom literally are. Most cybercriminals and their cyberattacks are motivated by financial gain and espionage.

But the problem is even bigger than this because individual banks suffer thousands of daily attacks, most of which are not reported, let alone detected.

So short of banks going on the offensive and proactively threathunting, how are they supposed to protect themselves against modern day bank robbers?

Download your complimentary copy of “Mitigating Cyber Threats in Banking With Next-Generation Platforms” to learn:

  • The most common types of cyberattacks in the banking sector
  • How to identify and distinguish attack types, from a waterhole attack, DDos attack, ransomware or a phishing attack
  • How banks can implement the leading operational intelligence frameworks - National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and/or the MITRE ATT&K framework - to stay ahead of cyber criminals
  • What a next-generation platform entails and how to integrate it into your security/IT stack

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