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Between Two Alerts

Working From Home: Changed Threat Landscape
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In cybersecurity, we’re always talking about the dynamic, ever-changing and expanding cybersecurity threat landscape. Working from home and online threat vectors are not new concepts, so is this larger shift to remote working such a big deal when it comes to security? The simple answer: Yes.

In this podcast-style webinar, we’ll share suggestions for how to approach security now that your entire organization is working from home — from the cybersecurity risks to consider, to ways that you can support your immediate security team. We’ll also cover:

  • Important security baselines every company should establish
  • Security teams losing control of the environment
  • VPN connectivity
  • Two-factor authentication

This is information for you to consume, like a snack, between major tasks. Take a mental break and learn something new!


Jade Catalano
Senior Product Marketing Manager
David Dorsey
Director, Security Research

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