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AWS Marketplace Monitoring and Data Insights

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Splunk and AWS Provide End-to-End Monitoring Across Your Cloud Environment

The Data Insights Tool by AWS Marketplace and Splunk provides an interactive interface, by persona, to better understand the relevant AWS data sources available and the various paths available for ingestion by Splunk.

AWS and Splunk solutions offer a thorough, real-time view of your infrastructure, which is necessary for understanding your organization’s health — yet that data is often in separate silos and sometimes completely overlooked. Address this issue, without the need to manage any infrastructure, by tapping into your machine data and quickly finding answers, regardless of environment.

With the combined power of Splunk and AWS, you can:

  • Detect, investigate, and visualize your infrastructure
  • Improve IT operations with real-time monitoring and intuitive dashboards
  • Pinpoint outages, gather data, and get to the root of issues – fast
  • Make informed decisions to help protect your environment

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