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Cloud Monitoring

Get Your Cloud Migration Right

Cloud comes in all shapes and sizes. Get visibility into it all—your cloud provider infrastructure, the applications or workloads running on top of it and everything in between.
Container Monitoring

Connect Insights From Containers With Critical IT Services

Containers add speed and flexibility to app development but they also introduce added complexity to your infrastructure. Simplify and unify insights across container environments and the entire technology stack with a single solution. Let developers focus on what’s most important—the application itself. Splunk for container monitoring provides the ideal solution to ensure your containers are available and issues are fixed quickly with minimal effort.
Application Lifecycle Analytics

Deliver Apps That Truly Impact the Business

Your organization needs to improve all aspects of the development and operations lifecycle. Application lifecycle analytics give you a platform approach that bridges team silos, provides insight into each phase of the development lifecycle, and ensures applications perform well and meet SLAs.
Server Monitoring

Nobody Likes a Slow Server

Downtime can be costly. Get to the source of the problem before your servers fail. Splunk software provides deep visibility into faults, events, capacity, configurations and the security of your server elements, whether in traditional datacenters or distributed cloud infrastructures.
Application Release Analytics

Get Quality Apps Out Fast

Usually you get speed or quality, but in today’s fast-paced world you need to release applications more quickly and at a faster cadence while also having fewer issues that require re-releasing or canceling a release. With application release analytics, you can use a platform approach that bridges team silos, provides insight into each step of the release process and helps to ensure applications are released efficiently into production.
Virtualization Monitoring

A New Approach for Managing Virtual Environments

Virtualized environments make datacenters nimble but can also make it difficult to investigate and resolve problems. Splunk has a solution for that. Splunk apps for virtualization offer comprehensive monitoring of your virtual datacenter for leading hypervisors and desktop virtualization technologies. Splunk Enterprise extends the power of these apps to provide the ability to correlate virtualization data with machine data generated across the IT infrastructure.
Event Analytics

Weather Your Event Storms

Event management is dead. It’s time for a new day. Welcome to event analytics at Splunk. Take your monitoring and troubleshooting from reactive to proactive. Our powerful AI powered by machine learning helps you reduce event noise, and decrease MTTR and the number of IT incidents.
Predictive Analytics

Top Down Visibility into Your Business and IT Metrics

Go to one place for both the business and IT's health and performance across silos, while also being able to dive into deeper investigations. Now find the root cause of issues impacting a service quickly and efficiently.

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