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A Splunk Certified Developer builds apps using the Splunk Web Framework. This certification demonstrates an individual's expertise in drilldowns, advanced behaviors and visualizations, planning, creating, and packaging apps, and REST endpoints.

Please note: You must already hold the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certification as a prerequisite to this certification track.


Advanced Dashboards and Visualizations

This one-day course is designed for advanced users who want to create SplunkJS-based dashboards and forms. It focuses on creating dashboards, adding inputs, using event handlers and creating Splunk Custom Visualizations.

Building Splunk Apps

This two-day course focuses on Splunk app development. It's designed for advanced users, administrators, and developers who want to create apps using the Splunk Web Framework. Major topics include planning app development, creating data generators and data inputs, REST API, setup screens, KV Store, and app packaging.

Developing with Splunk's REST API

This course teaches you to use Splunk's REST API to accomplish tasks on a Splunk server. In this course, you will use curl and Python to send requests to Splunk REST endpoints and will learn how to parse the results. The course will show you how to create a variety of objects in Splunk, how to work with and apply security to Splunk objects, issue different types of searches, and ingest data.


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