Keeping Markets Moving: Splunk & NASDAQ

Watch how NASDAQ uses Splunk Enterprise and Splunk User Behavior Analytics to speed security investigations by more than 50 percent and drive massive efficiencies in data gathering across teams.


Video Transcript


NASDAQ is a global exchange operator. We operate exchanges globally. We provide technology for markets to operate their own markets globally. Splunk has positively impacted our business in a number of ways. We have probably gained an efficiency level of over 50% in our analyst ability to track down data. And it has sped up our investigations equally as much.

Splunk allows us to have a single skill set that's common across the organization. Right? So information security is writing queries, but using the same language as the operations team. Our ability to instrument Splunk at a very high level, so level 2 and level 3 engineers being our highest-level engineers, for them to instrument something that is actionable by a level-1 engineer makes us very efficient. So it's reusable, and it gives us a very deep understanding of our data. And we can create something once, a correlation rule once, and expect that the level-1 engineers will be able to act upon it.

And we also have plugged in the Splunk UBA product to give us insight into our insider threat. That tool is giving us a deep insight into our insider threat within NASDAQ, and also what our trusted users are doing at any given point in time, so what a user's doing here versus what he may be doing elsewhere. And, you know, that correlation can be important.