IT Complexity in Telecommunications

Telcos are recognized as owning and operating some of the world's largest IT systems with significant, ongoing investment in infrastructure and applications maintenance.

These systems generate terabytes of machine data every day - data that can provide important insights into key performance metrics relevant to both IT and the business.

Customer service improvements, fraud mitigation, delivery network performance, and content provisioning are just a handful of areas than can be directly impacted by gaining operational intelligence from machine data.

Splunk Delivers Insight Into Any Machine Data

Splunk is the engine for machine data. Splunk can read data from just about any source imaginable, such as networks, web servers, call detail records, service delivery platforms, custom applications, application servers, GPS systems, social media, and structured databases.

Splunk delivers real-time understanding of what's happening and deep analysis of what's happened across IT systems and infrastructure. It uses untapped machine data to identify problems, risks and opportunities and drive better decisions for IT and the business.

Typical uses cases for Splunk include application management, IT operations management, security and compliance and business analytics. Examples of different ways in which Telcos are using Splunk to gain new levels of visibility into IT and the business are described here.

Enhancing Customer Service and Experience

Delivering superior customer service and experience is critical to the success of any Telco as it directly impacts churn. Poor customer satisfaction results in a higher churn rate and an inability to compete effectively.

Splunk delivers Telcos in-depth insight into key issues across their applications and IT infrastructure. It enables them to proactively monitor and resolve problems. Splunk has a proven track record of helping Telcos reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTR) and increase first call resolution rates - resulting in significant customer service improvements.

Detecting Network Abusers and Fraud

Network fraud is huge problem for Telcos - often resulting in millions of dollars in lost profits while causing undue strain on the network. Effectively identifying fraud and taking the necessary steps to deter it can deliver significant benefits for the company and ultimately to its end customers.

Splunk can help detect patterns and fraudulent activity as it occurs by correlating across various types of machine data such as Firewall, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and IP addresses - accurately pinpointing network abusers.

Improving Service Delivery Platform Performance

Telcos are increasingly focused on rapid development and deployment of new converged multimedia services. Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) are an integral part of the infrastructure to deliver these innovative offerings.

Splunk can index machine data generated across the SDP to deliver operational insight. It helps Telcos effectively monitor the SDP infrastructure to proactively resolve problems, ensure consistent delivery of services and accelerate new product introduction.

Ensuring Security and Compliance

Telcos are particularly vulnerable to security threats considering the sheer number of users they serve across different delivery channels. These threats can happen quickly and start anywhere across the IT infrastructure. Such threats combined with compliance requirements such as PCI and Sarbanes-Oxley make it essential for Telcos to ensure pro-active, confident and timely attention to security and compliance issues.

Splunk collects and indexes all machine data to enable end-to-end situational awareness. It supports ad-hoc reporting and real-time monitoring of incidents and attacks while delivering new levels of visibility and intelligence - helping security teams move from reactive to proactive.

Looking for More on Splunk for Telcos?

These use cases highlight just a handful of areas where Splunk can help Telcos harness their machine data. Other use cases for Splunk include getting operational insight into machine data generated by mobile devices, provisioning systems, billing systems and networks.

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