Communications Service Providers

Reducing IT Complexity in Communications

Communications service providers (CSPs) operate some of the largest IT and network operations in the world. With converged services, device proliferation and new competitors, today's CSPs are investing in their infrastructures and developing innovative applications, all of which is adding to management complexity.

With Splunk, CSPs can transform the terabytes of machine data machine they generate every day into operational intelligence to help:

  • Accelerate service provisioning and delivery
  • Strengthen customer engagement
  • Deliver new products and services to improve your bottom line

Gain Operational Insights

Enabling rapid service activation and provisioning improves the customer experience and accelerates revenue capture, but it often involves a complex set of processes across siloed systems.

Splunk software can index machine data generated across the entire service delivery platform (SDP) to deliver operational insights. This helps CSPs effectively monitor their network infrastructures to proactively resolve problems, ensure consistent delivery of services and accelerate the introduction of new products.

Monitoring activations in real time

CSPs using Splunk to power their business

China Mobile

Accelerate Revenue Capture

Digital downloads, ad hoc and subscription pricing models, pre- and post-paid accounts, bundled services and mobile device purchases can add up to a sizable billing and reconciliation challenge.

Splunk can help CSPs reconcile all these transactions by using machine data from a variety of systems to quickly and accurately capture more revenue.

Ensuring customer usage is billed accurately

Detect Network Abusers and Prevent Fraud

Fraud can result in millions of dollars in lost profits and create undue strain on a network. Splunk can help detect fraudulent activity as it occurs by correlating information across different types of machine data such as firewall, intrusion detection systems (IDS) and IP addresses.

Traffic spikes indicating likely network abusers

Deliver Superior Customer Service

Splunk provides CSPs with the in-depth insight they need to proactively monitor and resolve customer problems. Splunk has a proven track record of helping CSPs reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and increase first call resolution rates - resulting in significant customer service improvements.

Customer information consolidated on one dashboard for faster call resolution

Ensure Security and Compliance

Splunk collects and indexes machine data and supports ad-hoc reporting and the real-time monitoring of incidents to give security teams new levels of visibility and intelligence so they can be more proactive. Learn More

Continuous monitoring and alerting for compliance

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