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Splunk software provides a scalable and versatile platform for machine data generated by all of the devices, control systems, sensors, SCADA, networks, applications and end users connected by today's networks. Use Splunk for use cases such as industrial operations and maintenance, security, safety and compliance, and device analytics.

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Customer Success Story

New York Air Brake

Telematics Data Enhances Transportation Safety and Fuel Efficiency

New York Air Brake (NYAB), a leading provider of rail technology, is using Splunk software to gather operational insights from the big data produced by train management systems.

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Why Splunk for Industrial Data and the Internet of Things?

Splunk software provides real-time insights into machine data generated by devices and control systems.
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Operations and Troubleshooting

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Measurement and Verification

Helps ensure that devices in the field operate as intended.
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Root-Cause Analysis

Helps you understand the cause of a failure on a device to improve efficiency.
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Capacity Planning

Monitor and track unplanned device or system downtime.
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Anomaly and Outlier Detection

Identify outliers and issues in device production or deployment.

Security, Compliance and Safety

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Helps protect mission-critical assets and industrial systems against cybersecurity threats.
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Safety and Compliance

Gain visibility into system performance or set points that could put machines or people at risk.

Business Analytics

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Customer Intelligence

Better understand customer engagement and behavior by monitoring interactions with connected products.

Device Intelligence

Gain real-time insight into device availability, utilization, and consumables, recognize patterns and trends, and support proactive and intelligent business operations.

Splunk Delivers Real-Time Analytics and Visualization for Newly Announced AWS IoT Service

  • Ingest data in real-time and at scale from AWS IoT Service
  • Search, explore and analyze real-time and historical data with Splunk
  • Correlate and enrich data from AWS IoT service with other data sources – application logs, mobile, databases and data from other IoT platforms
  • Build web-applications using Splunk’s powerful application development, visualization, and machine learning frameworks
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Connecting Splunk to Industrial Data

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Kepware's Industrial Data Forwarder for Splunk, a plug-in for its KEPServerEX platform, provides Splunk software with real-time streaming data collected from over 150 industrial protocols, including BACnet, Modbus and OPC sources, as well as industrial devices and applications from General Electric, Honeywell, Siemens and more.

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Connecting Splunk Software to the Internet of Things

There are many free apps and add-ons developed by Splunk and the Splunk developer community that simplify the connection and collection of data from both industrial systems and the Internet of Things.

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Amazon Kinesis Modular Input

Index data from Amazon Kinesis, a fully managed service for real-time streaming data.
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MQTT Modular Input

Index messages from MQTT, a machine-to-machine connectivity protocol, by subscribing Splunk software to MQTT Broker Topics.
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snmp modular input

SNMP Modular Input

Collect data by polling attributes and catching traps from devices providing cooling and power distribution in the datacenter.
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Kafka Modular Input

Index messages from Apache Kafka messaging brokers, including clusters managed by Zookeeper.
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REST API Modular Input

Poll local and remote REST APIs and index the responses.
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JMS Modular Input

Poll and index data from messaging queues from providers such as TibcoEMS, Weblogic JMS and ActiveMQ.
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AMQP Modular Input

Index data from message queues provided by AMQP brokers.
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Splunk App for Stream

Capture, filter and index real-time streaming wire data and network events.
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Partner Ecosystem

Leading companies focused on industrial data and the Internet of Things are connecting their products and services to Splunk software.

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