Why Machine Data Matters for Omni-channel Retail

Delivering a seamless customer experience, enabling mobile commerce, reducing fraud and protecting customer data--all critical requirements to capturing more retail business. Retailers like you want technology that drives competitive advantage and delivers business insights across all sales channels. With Splunk, you can transform the massive volumes of machine data generated from servers, applications, databases, mobile devices and networks into actionable insights and operational intelligence.

When your systems and applications span physical, virtual and cloud environments, it is imperative to have end-to-end visibility to ensure a scalable, flexible and reliable infrastructure. With Splunk, retailers gain comprehensive visibility across their infrastructure and applications.

Brown Shoe, a leader in the footwear industry, is using Splunk software to manage their physical and virtual infrastructure. They are indexing machine data from routers, switches, firewalls, wireless controllers and VMware View servers to gain key operational metrics. These insights are vital to helping Brown Shoe improve infrastructure performance and proactively troubleshoot issues.

"Something we couldn't have easily done before now takes five minutes to do with Splunk." - Brown Shoe Company

One of the largest department stores in the United States runs hundreds of applications (some homegrown) on a mix of operating systems. With Splunk software, the retailer's service delivery organization now has visibility into the entire infrastructure. They rapidly troubleshoot and determine root cause and use dashboards to track KPIs. They can also better forecast capacity and determine additional servers or CPUs needed to maintain performance, given the growth trajectory of the company and anticipated increase in workload.

Splunk IT Operations Visibility

Gain visibility into application performance and other systems critical to customer experience.

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Protecting customer data is critical for every retailer, as security breaches can lead to fines, revenue loss, customer attrition and lower brand perception. Security incidents can occur anywhere. Without visibility across the entire IT infrastructure, retailers don't know where security vulnerabilities lie, leaving them susceptible to attack. When a security event occurs, the time to resolution is critical to a retailer's reputation and bottom line.

Using Splunk, retailers can rapidly search and correlate data across multiple systems and applications to determine the exact source of threat. Splunk indexes the machine data generated by IPS, IDS, firewalls, proxy servers and applications all in real time. Learn More »

Retailers can also use Splunk to streamline and accelerate PCI compliance. The Splunk App for PCI Compliance supports the data collection, continuous monitoring and alerting requirements of the PCI Data Security Standard. For example, CVS Caremark uses Splunk to support their PCI compliance requirements: including PCI DSS log, IT data and security requirements. With Splunk, CVS Caremark searches for ad hoc investigations, reports for PCI controls and alerts to automate policy compliance monitoring. Learn More »

Splunk Order Management

Conduct security monitoring in real-time across your enterprise.

As web and mobile sales continue to fuel growth, uptime has never been more important for retailers. Since downtime or website performance issues can adversely impact revenue and customer experience, resolving issues quickly is mission critical. Troubleshooting involves getting insight across machine data coming from sources such as Linux servers, Apache web servers, databases and numerous applications.

Splunk indexes data across all tiers of the IT environment and can help you rapidly identify root cause. At John Lewis, one of the UK's oldest and most trusted retailers, Splunk is used to understand how their website is performing. John Lewis can easily collect and analyze machine data from a variety of logs, and set up alerts so they can proactively respond before customers are negatively impacted.

A leading North American retailer is using Splunk to monitor and alert on system performance. They rely on Splunk dashboards and reporting for end-to-end visibility across their systems. When an anomaly appears, an analyst can use Splunk to drill down into the problem, determine its source and remedy the issue before it brings down the system and affects users.

Incident Tracking across Multiple Systems

Find root cause easily and rapidly, all from one search interface.

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It takes many moving parts to fulfill an order, and errors can occur at any point in the process. Omni-channel adds complexity to retailer order and inventory management, as customers can buy online and pick up in store, or they can return items purchased online to stores. Visibility into the entire order lifecycle can minimize fulfillment delays and missed shipments, and preserve customer goodwill. A deeper understanding of this complex order management process can lead to better business and operational efficiencies. Machine data visibility across the infrastructure is key to helping retailers understand and address transaction bottlenecks in a timely manner. Use machine data from applications, servers and networks to help deliver a better customer experience and stay ahead of the competition.

Splunk and Customer Insights

Splunk is helping Tesco gain a new level of understanding on how their customers behave and interact with the site. Using Splunk, Tesco now has real-time visibility into interactions across the full customer engagement process--from a customer's initial product search to placing an order. These insights are helping Tesco streamline its site to deliver a better customer experience, increase customer satisfaction and drive higher order volumes.

Safeway uses Splunk to gain customer insights by looking at machine data and analyzing clickstream data from their website. They track and measure the customer experience, using Splunk to collect transactional data across the application infrastructure. Using this data, Safeway can measure adoption and usage of their loyalty programs, drive targeted offers and understand web behavior from their email campaigns.

A leading office supply retailer is indexing data across their order management infrastructure to trace order transactions. With Splunk, they now have end-to-end monitoring across the systems traversed by a transaction. This gives them new levels of visibility and allows them to decrease time to resolution and reduce the resources required to troubleshoot issues. Learn more »

Incident Tracking across Multiple Systems

A comprehensive view into customer behavior from a single interface.

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