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Today’s enterprise requires big data security solutions that can adapt to advanced threats and changing business demands. Simple monitoring of traditional security events is no longer enough. Security practitioners need broader insights from new data sources generated at massive scale across IT, the business and in the cloud. Staying ahead of external attacks, malicious insiders and costly fraud demands continuous security and compliance monitoring, fast incident response and the ability to detect and respond to known, unknown and advanced threats.

Splunk® security solutions enable organizations to detect, respond and prevent these threats by providing valuable context and visual insights to help you make faster and smarter security decisions. Splunk enables analytics-driven security.

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Security Apps

SIEM and Beyond

Splunk App for Enterprise Security

Splunk for Enterprise Security is the industry leading security intelligence platform that addresses Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) use cases by providing pre-packaged dashboards and correlations, reports, incident response workflows and visualizations to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of security teams.

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Related Apps and Add-Ons

There are currently over 600 add-ons and apps built by Splunk, its partners or community members that provide data input solutions, reports, dashboards, correlations, and utilities for a wide range of functions. These apps and add-ons provide visibility into functional technologies such as intrusion prevention, payload analysis, access control, identity management, threat intelligence, messaging, endpoint threat defense and response. You will also find apps for the management of vendor-specific technologies that provide access to a wide range of utilities for visualizations, geo-location mapping, analytics and enterprise integration. See our complete listing of apps and add-ons on

Splunk App for Stream

Capture, analyze and correlate network wire data with other log and machine data in Splunk® Enterprise.
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Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure

Collect Windows endpoint data including file, process, network and host activity and WMI data.
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Splunk DB Connect

Get business and enterprise context such as customer, product and HR data using real-time integration into traditional relational databases.
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Splunk App for CEF

Expand capabilities of legacy log management and SIEM solutions by mapping Splunk fields to Common Event Format (CEF) fields.
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Splunk App for Unix and Linux

Get information about processes, the files they open, user attributes and statistics such as last login times and other security-related information.
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Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange

Gain real-time visibility into the entire email service to monitor and detect anomalies in email transmission and supporting service components as well as keep track of user behavior.
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Security Technology
Provider Apps

Over 200 security apps and add-ons developed by Splunk, its partners or community members are available on to provide fast insights into many of the industry’s leading security technologies. These apps and add-ons extend the power of the Splunk Security Intelligence Platform by enhancing security protection for threat intelligence, network security and activity, endpoint security and activity, malware and payload analysis and identity and authentication, including environmental, physical and spatial technologies. A complete listing of Splunk Apps and add-ons is available on

Splunk App for Blue Coat ProxySG
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Splunk App for Centrify Insight
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Splunk for Cisco ISE
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Splunk for Cisco Security Suite
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Splunk for Citrix NetScaler with AppFlow
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Splunk App for FireEye
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Splunk App for Palo Alto Networks
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Splunk App for Symantec
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Splunk Tanium Application
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OPTIC Splunk App by ThreatStream
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