Real-Time Monitoring of Windows

Unlike traditional management tools that just deliver health statistics, the Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure harnesses the power of the Splunk® Enterprise platform to combine Windows and Active Directory information into a single pane of glass and deliver a comprehensive view of your entire Windows-based IT infrastructure.

With the Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure you can gain deep visibility into the health and performance of your Active Directory and Windows environments and:

  • Monitor the Active Directory Forest for potential security breaches and non-compliant usage patterns
  • Correlate Windows and Active Directory level events and audit changes to group policies, user, group and computer objects in real time
  • View detailed topology statistics on all objects of your Active Directory from the Forest to individual user and computer accounts
  • Monitor the operational health of Windows and Active Directory as a holistic service
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"Splunk Enterprise lets us keep our fingers on the pulse of our technical operations. It's looking for errors and sending alerts when conditions dictate. Instead of forcing us to search every server it facilitates event log consolidation, which allows us to get to the root of the problem faster."

-Senior Director of Technical Operations

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Why Splunk for Windows Infrastructures?

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Packaged Correlation

Identify the relationships between performance, health and security events using pre-built dashboards and reports for your entire email service.
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Dashboard Builder

Create, save and share custom reports on related services and components with simple queries on contextual terms such as logouts, performance and health.
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Events, Performance & System Monitoring

Analyze information on all the critical Windows events: CPU, memory, physical disk, LogicalDisk, network interface, application crashes, application installs and Windows updates.
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Domain & DNS Services Monitoring

Visualize information on the health, configuration and performance of domains, sites, domain controllers, DNS servers and DNS zones that belong to the Active Directory Forest.
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Anomalous Logons, User Logon Failures & User Utilization

Understand and analyze uncharacteristic usage patterns and failed attempts by users to log onto a specific domain.
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Change Management

Gain insights into changes made to objects in the Active Directory Forest and track changes made to computer accounts, domain accounts, organizational units and group policy objects.

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