WebSphere Monitoring

Get deep visibility into your WebSphere application environment

Can you improve how you troubleshoot IBM WebSphere®1 Application Server environments? Common challenges we hear from our customers, include:

  • Multiple logs generated by many different tiers, making it hard to find the right server causing the problem
  • Errors and exceptions found in logs are hard to correlate with other performance or availability issues until it's too late
  • Developers have restricted access to production logs so it takes considerable time to pinpoint an issue and get it fixed
  • Undetected or unexpected configuration changes impact the performance or security of the application

Splunk for WebSphere is a new approach to monitoring IBM WebSphere Application Server-based environments. Splunk gives authorized users access to the data they need from one place in real time, enabling them to troubleshoot issues quickly, reduce costly escalations and significantly reduce the mean time to investigate and resolve problems (MTTI/MTTR). Deploy Splunk for WebSphere to:

  • Automatically collect all of the right logs, configuration changes and performance metrics via JMX for IBM WAS
  • Provide templates for performance, security, configuration change tracking and troubleshooting views and dashboards
  • Extend beyond IBM WAS environments to monitor ANY other component in your infrastructure and prevent/reduce downtime

Get Splunk working for you.

If you don't already have Splunk installed start by downloading Splunk for free

Then, download and install Splunk for WebSphere Application Server

Splunk Benefits

  • Stop playing "data butler" by giving developers self-service, controlled, real-time access to production data across all components, servers and applications.
  • Increase system security and stability by eliminating direct access to production systems for troubleshooting and analysis.
  • Overcome knowledge silos by enabling IT staff in different areas to classify and interpret the data they understand.
  • Diagnose problems 60-80% faster by searching all production and staging environment system logs, configurations, changes and metrics from a single place in real time, without needing to request data from sysadmins.
  • Eliminate up to 90% of escalations by providing tier 1 staff with the ability to diagnose routine issues.
  • Improve development productivity by eliminating much of the time spent on production support.
  • Improve application availability and performance by enabling operations and development to diagnose problems 60-80% faster.
  • Be more responsive by eliminating up to 90% of escalations.
  • Free development from time-consuming, and costly production support.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by enabling operations to find and fix problems before customers see them.

1. IBM® and WebSphere® are registered trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)