Packaged Application Management

Packaged applications are often heavily customized or have to integrate and interact with other applications, web front-ends, backend legacy systems.

Splunk provides a technology-agnostic approach to monitoring and managing applications, allowing you to harness data from every tier of your application and trace transactions across multiple hops, correlate application events with infrastructure or user experience issues and proactively prevent outages from impacting the business. Operational analytics with Splunk provide crucial insights into capacity planning and consumption and user/usage trends.

Splunk For SAP At Corporate Express

Corporate Express uses Splunk to aggregate data from multiple disparate systems to create comprehensive capacity management dashboards. Instrumentation of near real-time transaction analysis developed for a SAP rollout in New Zealand, for example, is being used to build usage models that will more accurately determine infrastructure capacity requirements for the current Australian SAP implementation.

Having access to data such as this with Splunk is helping Corporate Express minimize the risk of inappropriate infrastructure provisioning common in large ERP projects.

Standardizing on Splunk across its IT environment has allowed Corporate Express to avoid significant investment in silos of vendor-centric management tools.

The ability to Splunk SAP, for example, provided Corporate Express with new visibility and monitoring capabilities. This has proved critical for performance tuning and capacity planning of their SAP deployment.

"Splunk has helped us facilitate the journey from a firefighting IT team to a more pro-active one. It really allows us to leverage the data we have at our fingertips. Now we have the ability to do more and find things before they happen and better plan for the future," said Shaun Butler, Senior Technology Specialist, Corporate Express Australia.

Splunk for Exchange At Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro deployed Splunk Enterprise and the Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange as its central system for collecting, indexing, searching and reporting on machine data from virtually any and every source. By eliminating three previous tools and the need for additional solutions, Manitoba Hydro estimates it will avoid nearly $50,000 over the next five years in software licensing and maintenance costs.

The new App, in combination with Splunk Enterprise, allows Manitoba Hydro to index, search and analyze in real time unlimited amounts of data from Exchange servers as well as other systems.

"Splunk and the Splunk App for Exchange tell us exactly where data are located, when it was last accessed and other statistics. In fact, we expect that Splunk will save us from having to purchase another product to help us find obsolete public folder data that can be deleted--that was one of the first features I noticed and it really blew me away

Splunk for Peoplesoft At Apollo Group

Apollo group uses Splunk to monitor and trend PeopleSoft performance across transactions. Splunk is used to proactively monitor on anomalies detected in payroll information as well as to analyze employee login trends and system capacity.

"We use Splunk as the single pane of glass to understand our overall system health and performance." -Rick Yetter, Systems Administrator at Apollo Group