Splunk for Operating Systems

Gain actionable insight across your physical and virtualized systems

Often system performance can impact applications and their users, especially within today's distributed IT infrastructures. Too many physical and virtual machines bring management headaches, including worries that resources are either over- or under-utilized.

Using Splunk you can meet these monitoring and management challenges. Splunk lets you:

  • Proactively prevent and manage performance problems, capacity bottlenecks, unexpected events, changes and security risks across multiple flavors of Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Link user or application-related issues to events in the underlying physical, virtual or hybrid infrastructure tiers for 360° visibility
  • Trend, analyze and report on system resource usage, utilization, response times and other metrics for optimum user experience, resource allocation and change management


Managing large-scale environments can be difficult. Keeping track of heterogeneous applications and operating systems running on physical or virtual environments is a daunting task. With its ability to index, analyze and report on machine data from your entire infrastructure, Splunk software provides a central view across your systems. This gives your IT administrators greater control and visibility over all the resources in the environment.

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Download: Splunk App for Unix and Linux

Splunk App for Unix and Linux

Splunk App for Unix and Linux

Splunk apps for operating systems (Windows and various types of Unix and Linux) provide at-a-glance performance insights as well as operational analytics such as performance, availability, security, capacity and change tracking data. Correlate system-reported data with all other technology tiers including applications, virtualization and hardware infrastructure for holistic visibility and monitoring across your IT operations.

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Download: Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure

Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure

Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure

Why Splunk

Only Splunk and Splunk apps help you:

  • Correlate system metrics and events data with data from other technology tiers easily
  • Find causal links between application performance issues and the underlying OS, hypervisor, storage, network and server infrastructure
  • Gain complete operational visibility by providing central operational health dashboards across heterogeneous environments
  • Discover capacity-constrained or idle systems
  • Track changes and secure your environment by monitoring the environment for suspicious activity, user role changes, unauthorized access and more