IT Operations Analytics

Harness the power of your IT data for business decisions

As IT organizations spend a majority of their time keeping the lights on, CIOs are under increasing pressure to support growth-focused business objectives such as growing the business, improving user satisfaction, gaining operational efficiencies and customer retention. Machine-generated data holds valuable information critical to the business, but IT organizations struggle to identify this value. Traditional tools are not equipped to handle the high volume and highly variable and diverse information that makes up machine data.

Splunk software enables organizations to monitor, search, analyze, visualize and act on massive streams of real-time and historical machine data, from any source, format or location.

  • Utilize the machine data generated by your IT systems to glean useful operational analytics and actionable intelligence across your IT operations
  • Reduce IT costs and complexity
  • Improve and maximize employee productivity


IT organizations spend a lot of money on tools to monitor, analyze and automate IT operations, but these are often point solutions that cannot be extended to freeform data analysis. Machine-generated data from IT systems contains valuable insights into system usage, user experience and user behavior. Splunk enables you to get both operational and business insights from your IT data in real time.

Improve user satisfaction and customer retention

Troubleshoot applications, investigate security incidents and meet compliance requirements in minutes instead of hours or days. Reduce MTTR/MTTI by up to 70% with access to data across all your systems. Reduce mean time between failures (MTBF) by proactively addressing issues with real-time alerts. Minimize escalations by providing first tier support with direct and secure access to the data needed to resolve issues on initial contact. Share data, real-time dashboards and scheduled reports with role-based access across the enterprise.

Increase operational efficiencies

Use Splunk reporting and analytics capabilities to trend and analyze IT key performance indicators. Monitor compliance to SLAs, product usage, user preferences and the success of your IT services holistically. Plan for capacity based on end-to-end visibility of asset inventory, capacity allocation and resource consumption. Use IT data to gain a real-time understanding of current trends in the context of historical patterns.

Grow the business

Leverage Splunk to understand usage patterns, geographical trends and learn about your heaviest users and abusers. Track and record web activity and easily identify business impact. Accelerate profitable growth with insights into service utilization. Gather data across several systems to develop a service catalog of IT services and provide transparency in costs for appropriate cost tracking and chargeback.

Gain critical operational insights, efficiencies and align IT with business efficiently and effectively. Put your underlying data to work to gain critical insights, operational efficiencies and align IT with the business.

Why Splunk

Splunk for IT operations analytics provides comprehensive insights into multiple technology tiers that can help drive critical business decisions across various use cases.

  • Proactively identify and remediate service problems to ensure end-user satisfaction and increase user adoption
  • Gain efficiencies in operational processes by gaining end-to-end insights critical to the business
  • Help drive business initiatives and goals with holistic visibility across heterogeneous technologies and various IT services for chargeback, change management, capacity planning, user/usage analytics and more