What’s New with Hunk 6.1

Faster Analytics for Your Data in Hadoop and NoSQL

Hunk 6.1 makes it even faster and easier to unlock the business value of raw unstructured big data in Hadoop and additional data stores. At the click of a button, report acceleration significantly improves reporting response times and cluster performance by transparently caching search results in Hadoop.

Create and share powerful interactive dashboards with charting overlay, pan-and-zoom controls and in-dashboard drill downs. And improve security for shared Hadoop clusters by defining roles and queues, with pass through authentication of security credentials from Hunk to your Hadoop clusters.

And that's not all. The new Hunk 6.1 release extends the power of exploratory analytics to additional file formats and data stores. Automate access to many file formats, including: texts, sequence files, RCFile, optimized row columnar (ORC) files and Parquet. And stream data from Apache Accumulo, MongoDB, Neo4j and other data stores for exploration, analysis and visualization in Hunk. All without fixed schemas or moving data to a separate in-memory store.

Easy to Get Started

Download Hunk Sandbox and the step-by-step instructions to learn Hunk and experience sample dashboards. Click through the sandbox tutorial and practice sample searches in Hunk and MapReduce.

Download Hunk 6.1 for a 60-day free trial of the production software. In less than an hour you'll be up and running to explore, analyze and visualize data. For more details on planning a Hunk production deployment, refer to the Get Started with Hunk video , What's New in Hunk 6.1 video, and the Hunk User Manual.

Report Acceleration

Report acceleration transparently caches search results in Hadoop, improving reporting response times and performance without needing to move data or submit new MapReduce jobs. Drive more efficient utilization of Hadoop resources as the amount of data grows and the number of queries increase.

Splunk HUNK Report Acceleration

Interactive Dashboards and Charts

Rapidly build custom dashboards with a new dashboard editor and deliver richer analytics experience with charting overlay, pan-and-zoom controls and in-dashboard drill downs.

Splunk HUNK Custom Dashboards

Embedded Analytics

Embed any Hunk charts and reports into third-party business applications. Share critical insights with users who don't have access to Hunk, Hadoop or NoSQL data stores.

Splunk Hunk Embedded Analytics

Streaming Resource Libraries

Extend the power of exploratory analytics. Streaming resource libraries allow developers to connect Hunk to NoSQL and other data stores, such as Apache Accumulo, Apache Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB and Neo4j, for data exploration, analysis and visualization in Hunk.

Splunk Hunk Streaming Resource

Pass-through Authentication

Improve security for shared-service Hadoop clusters. Pass-through authentication lets business users to submit secure MapReduce jobs and protects access to Hadoop clusters using the authenticated credentials and roles assigned by IT.

Splunk Hunk Pass-through authentication