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Explore, Analyze and Visualize Data in Hadoop and NoSQL

Getting value out of a big data initiative doesn't have to be a science project. Imagine integrating the processes of data exploration, analysis and visualization into a single, fluid user experience that's designed to drive insights from your data in Hadoop, NoSQL data stores and more. Hunk®: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop and NoSQL Data Stores makes this possible. Hunk complements alternate approaches using Apache Hive, SQL on Hadoop or in-memory analytics stores by providing exploratory analytics without the requirement to write fixed schemas or move data.

Start with Hunk Sandbox

To unlock the value of big data, download Hunk Sandbox and the step-by-step instructions to learn Hunk interactive search, analytics and visualizations in a single download that runs on Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems, without having to set up a Hadoop cluster. Hunk Sandbox includes Apache Hadoop, Hunk software, a step-by-step tutorial and sample dashboards.

Hunk Sandbox

Fast to Deploy and Drive Value

With Hunk, ask and answer questions of raw data without having to define fixed schemas in Apache Hive or SQL on Hadoop. With Hunk Data Explorer, select the most relevant data sets for analysis in Hunk with a visual wizard to browse and prepare raw data in Hadoop. Simply point Hunk at your on-premise Hadoop cluster and start exploring and analyzing raw data immediately. Or purchase Hunk in the cloud from Amazon Web Services (AWS), with preconfigured Hunk instances priced by AWS on an hourly basis for data in Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) and S3. To connect Hunk to NoSQL or other data stores, download free apps at

Interactive Search Alternative to Apache Hive or SQL on Hadoop

Hunk is built upon Splunk schema-on-the-fly technology, which means that you don't need to know anything about your data in advance. Search results return with an automatic structure based on fields, keywords, patterns over time, top values and more. Even event breaking and timestamp extraction are done at search time. Hunk automates access to text files and sequence files along with popular Apache Hive data formats including Record Columnar Files (RCFile), Optimized Row Columnar (ORC) files and Parquet columnar files. All without having to move data out of your Hadoop cluster or NoSQL store in order to analyze or visualize it.

Hunk NoSQL Data Stores

Results Preview

When you run a query in Hunk it streams back interim results immediately while the MapReduce job continues to run in the background. This delivers a faster, more interactive experience because you can pause and refine queries without having to wait for full MapReduce jobs to finish.

Results Preview

Report Acceleration

Report acceleration transparently caches search results in Hadoop, improving reporting response times and performance without needing to move data or submit new MapReduce jobs. Drive more efficient utilization of Hadoop resources as the amount of data grows and the number of queries increase.

Drag-and-Drop Analytics

Hunk empowers business and IT teams to analyze raw data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores. Drive deep analysis and find anomalies across terabytes or petabytes of raw big data. Data models describe relationships in the underlying raw data, making it more meaningful and usable. Quickly generate charts, visualizations and dashboards. Instantly pivot from any search and automatically identify meaningful patterns in your data.

Hunk Drag-and-drop Analytics

Interactive Dashboards and Charts

An easy-to-use dashboard editor enables you to create and edit dashboards that integrate multiple charts and views to satisfy the needs of multiple business and IT stakeholders. Role-based access controls protect your sensitive data. Charting overlay, pan-and-zoom controls and in-dashboard drill downs deliver a powerful analytics experience. Further extend the power of Hunk exploratory analytics in your department or organization by embedding Hunk charts and data visualizations in business intelligence dashboards or other business applications.

Splunk HUNK Custom Dashboards

Pass-Through Authentication

Improve security for shared-service Hadoop clusters. Pass-through authentication lets business users submit secure MapReduce jobs and protects access to Hadoop clusters using the authenticated credentials and roles assigned by IT.

Pass-Through Authentication

Plan your Hunk Production Deployment

Download Hunk 6.2 for a 60-day free trial of the production software. Hunk 6.2 software works with your choice of on-premise or cloud Hadoop distribution including Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Cloudera CDH, Hortonworks Data Platform, IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, MapR M-series and Pivotal HD. Hunk supports both first-generation MapReduce and YARN. To explore, analyze and visualize data in NoSQL and other data stores, download free Hunk apps at For more details on planning a Hunk production deployment, refer to the Hunk User Manual.

Rich Developer Framework

The web framework enables developers to integrate data and functionality from Hunk into enterprise big data applications using a standards-based web framework, documented REST API and software development kits (SDKs) for C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Developers 
can build Hunk apps with custom dashboards, flexible
 UI components and custom data visualizations using common development languages such as JavaScript and Python. With Hunk, building apps on top of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is as easy as building any modern web application. Learn more at Splunk>Dev.

Rich Developer Framework