Splunk for Desktop Virtualization

Comprehensive insights and robust monitoring of VDI environments

To deliver a smooth user and application experience, a desktop virtualization deployment must rely on many distributed components, including desktops, network, database server, profile server, applications and more. A single failure anywhere in this framework can significantly impact performance and user satisfaction. Without holistic visibility across these connected components, root-cause diagnosis in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments becomes increasingly hard.

Gain insights into user experience proactively, diagnose performance issues quickly, and gain end-to-end visibility across the connected IT-tiers of your VDI infrastructure with Splunk and our apps for desktop virtualization.


Desktop Virtualization Solutions with Splunk App for Citrix Xen Desktop

Real-time operational insights into VDI

Traditional monitoring tools are typically siloed and provide limited visibility. VDI environments amplify challenges in monitoring and troubleshooting because they consist of multiple, distributed software and hardware components. To ensure a great user experience in VDI environments, administrators need real-time visibility into user sessions, performance correlation across multiple tiers and granular insights into underlying data.

The Splunk App for Citrix XenApp and The Splunk App for Citrix XenDesktop combine the power and flexibility of Splunk with a tailored experience for desktop virtualization technologies. These apps accelerate data collection from the infrastructure powering virtual desktops or on-demand applications. Once the data has been collected, it can be correlated with data from other technology tiers such as storage, networking, applications and operating systems.


Splunk App for Citrix XenApp

The Splunk App for Citrix XenApp allows administrators to easily correlate data across all components of XenApp deployments, providing a 360o correlation across user experience, physical hosts, virtual machines, storage, network, database, operating system and hosted applications. Get operational insights into usage such as user trends, client version trends, license usage and devices usage trends.

Splunk App for Citrix XenDesktop

The Splunk App for Citrix XenDesktop provides a concise snapshot of the health of your Citrix XenDesktop 4 or XenDesktop 5 environments with inside and outside views of desktop VMs. Troubleshoot performance issues and resolve exceptions before they impact the user. Report trends, anomalies, outliers and perform comparative analyses on real-time and historical data for deep operational insights.

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Why Splunk

With Splunk and our apps for desktop virtualization,

  • Gain complete visibility into granular performance metrics, workloads, changes and events across your VDI deployment at scale
  • Troubleshoot user issues at any time with complete context into session performance, virtual desktop processes, resource usage, connection broker errors and infrastructure problems
  • Score user sessions based on a number of performance characteristics, proactively identify performance bottlenecks and alert before user impact
  • Monitor desktop configurations and track changes over time
  • Gain insights into applications running on virtual desktops and resource usage by application, allowing for better desktop sizing
  • Gain 360° visibility from user session to operating systems, servers and storage by correlating data across diverse heterogeneous technologies