Custom Application Management

End-to-End Operational Visibility and Application Intelligence

With the rising dominance of mobile, social and cloud usage, application infrastructures must evolve to support business demands across multiple channels. Service-oriented architectures can get especially complex with interconnected services serving multiple applications. To ensure consistent SLAs and user experience, application owners need visibility across every component of their application architecture.

Gain a technology-agnostic approach to monitoring and managing applications. Manage your applications with new levels of visibility and control—rely on Splunk to help you:

  • Get central visibility across all components of your applications, including web servers, applications servers, databases, messaging and middleware, as well as the underlying infrastructure for reduced MTTR/MTTI by up to 70%
  • Monitor user transactions across multiple hops for anomalies and correlate application and infrastructure issues to proactively find and detect issues before they impact the business
  • Use operational analytics on user preferences and usage trends to support business-level decision making


Traditional monitoring tools are inadequate to monitor large scale distributed custom applications, because they typically don't span all technologies and cannot serve multiple analytic needs.

Splunk indexes and harnesses data from all components of your distributed applications, providing a central view across all your interconnected application components and the infrastructure.

Understand real service levels, detect anomalies and deliver true service-level reporting. Use our powerful search language and statistical analysis capabilities to link events or transactions across technology tiers. Splunk enables new levels of visibility and actionable insights.

  • Empower front line staff to instantly find answers to routine questions and significantly reduce escalations
  • Provide developers central, secure, self-service access to production logs for faster problem resolution, without having to access individual devices
  • Get real-time views and custom dashboards, highlighting key application performance and availability metrics
  • Leverage user preferences and usage trends and analytics from Splunk to inform business-level decisions

Why Splunk

Only Splunk can index data from every component of your infrastructure and turn it into actionable insights.

Traditional monitoring tools are focused on deep dive performance or network metrics. Splunk gives you the complete picture that integrates data across all your application components and your infrastructure.

Gain deep performance and troubleshooting insights, then utilize your application-generated data to get user and usage-related insights that are critical for business-level decision making. Spunk App for Stream provides additional insight, measuring transaction response times, paths, and identify the source of application performance by acquiring data available over your network, and without requiring any additional instrumentation of your apps.

Splunk also partners with next generation APM vendors such as Extrahop, AppDynamics and Boundary to offer complete inside-out application visibility. Deep dive data and application context is provided alongside other data from applications and infrastructure—such as logs, events and performance metrics.


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