Application Management

Developing, maintaining and supporting large-scale, complex, highly distributed and interconnected applications is extremely challenging. Traditional application management approaches are ill-equipped to handle the complexity of today's application architectures and deployment environments. Splunk Enterprise provides a better approach, enabling you to find and fix application problems faster to reduce downtime, gain end-to-end operational visibility of your key performance indicators. With Splunk you can deliver usage and user insights from your application data to help the business make better decisions.

Resolve Problems Faster, Reduce Downtime

  • Troubleshoot issues quickly, reduce costly escalations and reduce the mean time to investigate and resolve problems (MTTI/MTTR) by up to 70%
  • Reduce compliance exceptions by providing developers access to production application logs from a central location without providing access to production systems
  • Monitor your entire application environment in real time to prevent problems from impacting users; retain knowledge from recurring events to prevent outages

Gain End-to-End Operational Visibility

  • Trace and monitor transactions through all the tiers of your distributed application architecture and a wide variety of data sources
  • Detect anomalies or issues in performance, response times and proactively resolve them before they impact application users
  • Monitor key operational metrics such as end-to-end response times, message queue lengths and failed transaction counts to ensure service levels are met
  • Get real-time operational visibility across your entire application infrastructure and into any technology without the need for custom parsers or adapters

Gain User and Application Usage Insights

  • Gain insights into how your end users are using your services, so you can provide better, more responsive service levels
  • Get critical intelligence for your business by enriching your machine data with non-IT sources such as pricing databases, customer information and location information

Why Splunk is a Unique Application Management Solution

Unlike traditional monitoring tools, Splunk software can index, analyze and harness data from any technology tier, providing a complete, central view across your entire infrastructure. Spunk App for Stream further enriches your insight on applications, adding wire-data based insight on application response times, deeper insight on root cause analysis and trace transaction paths without any additional instrument of the application.

Splunk's sophisticated search language helps customers correlate events across disparate technology tiers, stitch together transactions across multiple component hops and visualize anomalies, outliers, trends and other key performance indicators. Granular role-based access controls empower multiple groups in an organization to utilize the data in Splunk from dev/test to Tier 1 support and help desk personnel. More importantly, operational insights from application data can be combined with structured information such as user information or pricing information to deliver key business insights.

Application performance monitoring vendors AppDynamics, Dynatrace and Extrahop have developed Splunk Apps to help customers visualize their deep dive application performance data in the context of all other application data such as logs, events, infrastructure performance and more.