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Developing, testing, deploying and maintaining large scale, highly distributed and interconnected applications is extremely challenging. Splunk® Enterprise enables you to find and fix application problems faster to reduce downtime as well as gain proactive, end-to-end operational visibility into your key performance indicators.

  • Delivers improved uptime and lower MTTR with proactive alerting and rapid troubleshooting
  • Maintains business-critical SLAs by monitoring applications across all tiers
  • Provides new insights into customer usage and business transactions
  • Improves DevOps collaboration and supports continuous deployment efforts
  • Creates performance insights for application software and mobile app developers

DevOps-Driven App Delivery

Splunk software improves application delivery velocity, quality, and business impact by enabling a continuous DevOps feedback loop. It provides real-time visibility across all stages of the app delivery lifecycle - from app development to test to production monitoring. It helps simplify collaboration and enables rapid iteration by IT and the business, to help drive innovation and achieve better business results.

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Container Monitoring and Analytics

Splunk helps companies unify insights across container environments and the entire technology stack with a single solution. Maintain a high level of service reliability to ensure containers are available, and that issues are fixed quickly with minimal effort to deliver the best possible end-user application experience.

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Customer Success Story

Domino's Pizza

Slicing Up Machine Data With Splunk

Domino’s Pizza uses Splunk software to support its entire e-commerce environment. It enables them to slice up mountains of data and look at e-commerce logs, troubleshoot issues, assist with monitoring, provide valuable feedback to developers and deliver real-time insights to marketing.

Splunk for Application Management

Just as IT needs a management tool that addresses overall service availability and performance, application managers need a platform that transcends the silos—enabling an improved customer experience by indexing and analyzing data across your application stack for better insight on performance and availability.

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Partner Solutions

Application performance monitoring vendors Dynatrace and Extrahop have developed apps for Splunk software to help customers visualize their deep-dive application performance data in the context of all other application data such as logs, events, infrastructure performance and more.

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