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Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) is a premium security solution that provides insight into machine data generated from security technologies such as network, endpoint, access, malware, vulnerability and identity information. It enables security teams to quickly detect and respond to internal and external attacks to simplify threat management while minimizing risk and safeguarding your business. Splunk Enterprise Security streamlines all aspects of security operations and is suitable for organizations of all sizes and expertise.

Whether deployed for continuous real-time monitoring, rapid incident response, a security operations center (SOC), or for executives who need a view of business risk, Splunk ES delivers the flexibility to customize correlation searches, alerts, reports and dashboards to fit specific needs.

Splunk Enterprise Security helps organizations address the following:

  • Real Time Monitoring — Get a clear visual picture of the organization’s security posture, easily customize views and drill down to the raw event
  • Prioritize and Act — Gain a security-specific view of your data to increase detection capabilities and optimize incident response
  • Rapid Investigations — Use ad hoc search and static, dynamic and visual correlations to determine malicious activities
  • Handle Multi-Step Investigations — Conduct breach and investigative analyses to trace the dynamic activities associated with advanced threats
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cedarcrestone logoRapidly Improving Security Posture

“With Splunk as our SIEM solution, it’s easy to get data in and get results out quickly. Splunk Enterprise Security gives us immediate, actionable, meaningful security intelligence that we simply did not have before.”

-Kristofer Laxdal, Head of Information Security, CanDeal

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Splunk Enterprise Security

Splunk Enterprise Security runs on top of Splunk® Enterprise or Splunk Cloud. Splunk ES can be deployed as software, as a cloud service, in a public or private cloud, or in a hybrid software-cloud deployment.

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Improve Security Operations

Decrease incident response times and demonstrate compliance by leveraging a rich set of pre-built dashboards, reports, incident response workflows with risk scores and quick searches, analytics, correlations and security indicators.
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Improve Security Posture

Optimize security monitoring, prioritization, response, containment and remediation processes by analyzing all machine data to understand the impact of alerts or incidents.
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Prioritize Security Events and Investigations

Enhance decision-making and align risk posture with the business by applying risk scores to any event, asset, behavior, or user based on their relative importance or value to the business.
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Detect Internal and Advanced Threats

Verify privileged access and detect unusual activity by using UBA anomalies, applying user- and asset-based context to all machine data to monitor user and asset activities.
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Make More Informed Decisions

Enhance incident investigation, breach investigation, and scoping by leveraging threat feeds from a broad set of sources, including free threat intelligence feeds, third party subscriptions, law enforcement, FS-ISAC Soltra (via STIX/TAXII), Facebook ThreatExchange, internal and shared data.
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Operationalize Threat Intelligence

Multiple threat intelligence sources can be aggregated, de-duplicated and assigned weights so a wide range of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) can be used for all aspects of monitoring, alerting, reporting, investigation and forensic analysis.
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Monitor in Real Time

Detect unusual activities associated with advanced threats by leveraging statistical analysis, UBA anomalies, correlation searches, dynamic thresholds, and anomaly detection.
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Optimize Incident Response

Streamline investigations of dynamic, multi-step attacks with the ability to visualize, and therefore more clearly understand, the attack details, as well as the sequential relationship between various events to quickly determine the appropriate next steps.

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