Professional Services

Helping you realize the full value of your Splunk software investment

Our professional services team can help you understand and adopt best practices for your enterprise deployment so you can get the most out of your Splunk investment. This guidance includes use-case development, data source identification, architecture guidance, reference architecture scenarios, retention policies, availability, searching capability and more. Most of all, you can count on services that are tailored to your specific needs.

Enterprise Deployment

This offering is tailored to customers who need to implement our core Splunk Enterprise software and load data sets to begin creating reports and dashboards. Splunk Enterprise deployments are designed with best practices in mind and can easily scale as needed.

Splunk PS Enterprise Deployment (Small)

Designed for single-site architectures with multiple instances of Splunk Enterprise and up to five users.

Splunk PS Enterprise Deployment (Medium)

Designed for single-site architectures with multiple instances of Splunk Enterprise and a maximum of 100 forwarders in a production environment.

Splunk PS Enterprise Deployment (Large)

Targeted to multi-site instances of Splunk Enterprise with search, index clustering and disaster recovery and a maximum of 500 forwarders in the production environment.


We provide operational insight into your virtualized environment for proactive analysis and reporting. This allows you to identify and remediate issues and errors within your virtualized infrastructure in real time.

Splunk PS Virtualization (Small)

Virtualization services for VMware and Citrix customers with a single-site instance of Splunk Enterprise in production and no high availability or disaster recovery requirements.

Splunk PS Virtualization (Medium)

Provides best practices and expert guidance in order to tailor Splunk Enterprise to your virtual assets. This includes applications such as the Splunk App for VMware, Splunk App for XenDesktop or Splunk App for XenApp.

Splunk PS Virtualization (Large)

Includes environment review and documentation, definition of key metrics, and expert assistance in creating powerful reports and dashboards that visually depict your key performance indicators.

Enterprise Security

Our Enterprise Security offering provides implementation services to completely deploy the Splunk App for Enterprise Security. This offering encapsulates everything you need to maximize your investment in enterprise security, from data onboarding to custom correlation creation.

Enterprise Security (Small)

Provides implementation services for a single site instance of Splunk Enterprise in production with no high availability/disaster recovery requirements

Enterprise Security (Medium)

Designed for customers who have already deployed a functional Splunk infrastructure. This offering can be combined with other service offerings to deploy Splunk Enterprise (Medium) or Splunk Upgrade (Medium) as a complete turnkey solution.

Enterprise Security (Large)

For customers with a multisite instance of Splunk Enterprise in production with clustering, shared searching requirements, disaster recovery or high availability requirements.

Technical Assessment

The Technical Assessment offering provides a comprehensive review of your Splunk environment to ensure your architecture remains supportable, maintainable and upgradable. This service includes:

  • The identification of performance issues and risks
  • Knowledge transfer for improving your Splunk processes including onboarding, operating and optimizing volume consumption
  • Benchmarking your Splunk maturity level
Technical Assessment (Small)

Identifies performance issues and risks and improves your Splunk processes including onboarding, operating and optimizing data volume consumption.

Technical Assessment (Large)

The large technical assessment is geared towards complex multi-site distributed environments with high availability and disaster recovery requirements.


Our upgrade services ensure consistent and quality software delivery, architecture, training and the ongoing sustainment of your Splunk Enterprise deployment.

Upgrade Services (Small)

Tap into the expertise of our professional services team and upgrade to the latest release more quickly. Map new features to business requirements and document your new Splunk infrastructure.

Upgrade Services (Medium)

This upgrade offering is designed for customers with a distributed, single-site instance of Splunk Enterprise that uses clustering or shared searching requirements.

Upgrade Services (Large)

Designed to assist with upgrades in a distributed multi-site instance of Splunk Enterprise in productions with clustering or shared search requirements.

Project Management

If project management just isn't your thing, let our professional services team take lead on your project oversight. We can help monitor and manage the process so that you can focus on the things that really require your attention.