Professional Services

As your Splunk system grows, it's critical your infrastructure and architecture is sustainable and scalable. Our Professional Services team can help you understand and adopt best practices for your enterprise deployment.


We orient our services around the Splunk Deployment Methodology, which provides an iterative framework for analyzing, planning, and deploying Splunk for your specific needs. The methodology is built around:

  • Use case discovery and definition, infrastructure, and architecture design
  • Data collection and onboarding, implementation, and tuning
  • Data comprehension, enrichment, and normalization
  • Search, reports, and alerts design
  • Delivery to users, developers, and external systems

Complementing the Splunk software, its flexibility, and its extensibility, the Splunk framework is intended to rapidly achieve value and to help you continuously increase the value of your Splunk system after the initial deployment.


We perform a variety of services to help people with deploying and extending Splunk systems. These include:

  • Implementation services over the full deployment lifecycle
  • System health optimization and best practices reviews
  • Deployment workshops
  • Upgrade services


We provide packages that make it easy to select the right services for your deployment.

Splunk Core Deployment Packages

Splunk Core Deployment Packages provide the Splunk core infrastructure design and installation, data collection and onboarding, and management best practices framework implementation. Packages are available in different sizes corresponding to the complexity of your installation.

Splunk Core Deployment + Reporting Packages

These packages include the Splunk Core Deployment Package, plus reports, dashboards, and alerts tailored to your specific use cases and packaged in the Splunk app framework.

Splunk Upgrade Packages

Splunk Upgrade Packages include assistance with migrating your users, processes, and systems from previous major versions of Splunk to the most current version.

Splunk Advisory Services Packages

Splunk Advisory Services Packages deliver Splunk expertise designed to ensure successful deployments. These services are backed by Splunk experts, ensuring consistent and quality delivery, architecture, training, and ongoing sustainment for Splunk in your enterprise.

In addition, Splunk Professional Services provides custom services scoped according to your specific requirements. These may include development of applications, implementation of use cases, workshops and design sessions, or other services requiring Splunk-related expertise.