Delivering Operational Intelligence across Industries

Put your machine data to work to solve new business and IT challenges across diverse and demanding IT environments. Splunk provides the most complete and flexible engine for machine data.

Companies like yours use Splunk software every day to improve service levels, reduce IT operations costs, mitigate security risks and drive new levels of operational visibility.

Whatever industry you are in, Splunk can help you discover new business insights from the data generated by your applications, systems and infrastructure.

Splunk software can be deployed quickly. It is flexible and scales easily to meet your growing data needs. It provides real-time analytics for your business and IT—delivering rapid time to value.


Splunk is at the forefront of developing next generation solutions for FISMA 2.0 and continuous monitoring, as well as helping government agencies meet security and compliance needs. Learn More »

Online Services

Increasing website uptime, enabling DevOps approach, enhancing product features, managing datacenter capacity and improving security posture are just some of the key Splunk software use case areas. Learn More »

Higher Education

Typical higher education use cases for Splunk include ensuring security and compliance, detecting network abuse and enhancing campus services. Learn about Splunk Academic licensing options. Learn More »

Financial Services

Efficient trade and payment processing, improved compliance, identifying security threats and better customer service are among the key areas directly impacted by using Splunk. Learn More »


Gain insights into some of the most pressing challenges facing the healthcare sector: lowering costs, providing better patient outcomes, catching fraud and assisting with HIPAA compliance. Learn More »


Learn about the numerous benefits of Splunk Enterprise in retail: increased online store uptime, enhanced customer experience, timely order processing, better customer data security and more. Learn More »


Some benefits for telcos using Splunk software to gain new levels of operational visibility include customer service improvements, fraud mitigation, delivery network performance and content provisioning. Learn More »