Free vs. Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise is available to download for free. Your download automatically includes all of the features in our latest release, Splunk Enterprise 6, for 60 days and allows you to index up to 500 megabytes of data per day. After 60 days, or anytime before then, you can convert to a perpetual Free license or purchase an Enterprise license to continue using the expanded functionality designed for multi-user enterprise deployments.

Splunk License Comparison Table

The Splunk Free license is intended for individual use. The Splunk Enterprise license offers added capabilities to support multi-user, distributed deployments and includes alerting, role-based security, single sign-on, scheduled PDF delivery, clustering, premium Splunk apps and support for much higher data volumes.

Feature Description Splunk Free Splunk Enterprise  
Indexing Volume Maximum indexing volume per day 500MB/day Unlimited
(according to license)
Universal Indexing Universal real-time indexing of machine data      
Search Ad hoc search across real-time and historical data      
Distributed Search Search across multiple Splunk deployments; supports load balancing and failover      
Monitoring & Alerting Monitor and alert for individual and correlated real-time events      
Reporting Ad hoc reports across real-time and historical data      
Knowledge Mapping Knowledge mapped to machine data artifacts      
Dashboards Highly customizable and interactive dashboards integrating real-time machine data and charts, reports and tables      
Data Model Used to define consistent relationships in machine data      
Pivot Drag-and-drop UI to explore, manipulate and visualize machine data      
High Performance Analytics Store High performance analytics technology      
Report Acceleration Transparent data summarization technology      
PDF Delivery Scheduled and automated PDF generation and delivery of reports and dashboards      
Access Control and Single Sign-On Integrated role-based access control and user authentication with LDAP directory and single sign-on integration      
Clustering High availability architecture for single site deployment      
Cluster Management Centralized dashboard reporting on the health of clusters      
Universal Forwarder Forwarding of data securely and reliably from remote systems in real time      
Forwarder Management UI for monitoring and deploying Forwarder configurations      
Rich Developer Environment Developer platform for building enterprise apps that leverage Splunk modern web languages      
Splunk Apps Access to hundreds of Splunk apps available from the Splunk apps site      
Premium Apps Access to premium Splunk apps      
Standard Support Access full product documentation, Splunk apps, Splunk Answers and IRC channel      
Enterprise Support Direct access to Splunk Customer Support, ability to manage cases online, tailored support levels      


Looking for More on Splunk Free?

If you already have Splunk installed and want to learn how to convert your Enterprise Trial into a Free license, take a look at More About Splunk Free from our Installation Manual.