Education Videos

Our education videos provide valuable how-tos and tutorials. Whether you've just installed Splunk or are a seasoned user looking for a quick refresher, these videos will have you Splunking in no time!

Installing Splunk on Linux

Mitch Fleischman demonstrates requirements, packages to download and documentation references for installing Splunk on Linux.

Installing Splunk on Windows

Craig Williams demonstrates pre-installation requirements, and the Windows installation process.

Getting Data in - Linux

Alex Rangel demonstrates how to get data in to Splunk. Watch thousands of events index and become searchable in a matter of seconds.

Getting Data in - Windows

Rao Durvasula demonstrates how to add local Windows data. Watch thousands of events index and become searchable in just at matter of seconds.

Basic Searching

Lisa Guinn shows you how to craft a search, examine the search results and use the timeline. Learn shortcuts to drill down in your results.

Creating Dashboards

In this tutorial, Renee Asselin shows you how to quickly create reports and dashboards using the Splunk Search and Reporting app.