Cloud Solutions

Real-time Visibility and Analytics for the Cloud

Splunk's unique ability to monitor and analyze machine data, regardless of where it's deployed, enables you to gain powerful operational insights from the cloud. Splunk gives you unique insights into your operational data and allows you to:

  • Index any type of data in any format, without normalization or connectors since it's not reliant on back-end databases or predefined schemas
  • Make sense of data and use it to troubleshoot or resolve problems easily with time-based correlation and ad-hoc discovery of fields and values
  • Gain rich analytics from data such as user behavior,usage patterns, anomalies and deviations through its powerful search language
  • Put your data in context of business problems with strong visualization, trending, reporting and statistical analysis capabilities

For Cloud Consumers

If you're running applications in the cloud, you want to know how they are being used, how the underlying infrastructure is performing and what the end user experience is like.

Splunk harnesses machine data generated by your cloud applications such as logs, events, metrics to provide unique insights about application performance, usage related analytics and end user behavior.

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For Cloud Providers

Cloud and Managed Service Providers face all the numerous challenges associated with running a massive, scaled out infrastructure.

This includes assuring performance and availability across highly complex IT environments, meeting audit and compliance requirements for customers and ensuring continuous situational awareness while securing the infrastructure.

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