Cloud and Managed Service Providers

Accelerate Your Time-to-market

Cloud and managed service providers are challenged with running a massive, scaled out infrastructure while servicing the growing demands of customers around the globe. Assuring performance and availability across highly complex IT environments, meeting audit and compliance requirements for customers and providing continuous situational awareness while securing the infrastructure are common difficulties that MSPs face.

Splunk addresses these challenges by providing real-time operational intelligence in your cloud environment and helping you deliver that intelligence to your customers.

  • Organize and extract actionable insights from massive amounts of machine data generated from your entire cloud footprint
  • Track, retain and correlate operational and user data; understand your system uptime, resource usage and what your customers are doing
  • Use the REST API and language-specific SDKs to develop custom applications and innovative data interfaces for your customers


Splunk collects and indexes the machine data generated across your cloud or managed service infrastructure - your networks, server and guest OS, hypervisors, database audit trails and message queues. It works with any machine data, including logs, file configurations, performance metrics, SNMP traps and custom application logs without the need for custom parsers or adapters.

Organizations are using Splunk to improve service levels, offer new services to clients and provide valuable insights to the business team.


Gain unprecedented operational visibility across every component of your infrastructure.

  • Index all types of machine data with Splunk, across server, storage, network devices as well as virtualization layers, operating systems and applications to get the complete end-to-end picture of your environment
  • Monitor key operational metrics across every layer of your IT stack to make sure service levels are met and to proactively plan capacity as needed
  • Correlate events, changes and metrics across every layer of your infrastructure to prevent outages and slash your MTTR/MTTI by up to 70%

Extend your services to offer flexible compliance reporting to your customers.

  • Provide transparency to your customers in tracking data locations, cataloguing data ownership, tracking data access and monitoring/reporting to various compliance standards
  • Enable alerting and monitoring to prevent unauthorized accesses by personnel
  • Deliver targeted data and analysis from Splunk directly to your customers from your existing website
  • Leverage a fully-documented and supported REST API with over 170 endpoints that lets developers programmatically index, search and visualize data in Splunk from any application. Splunk offers SDKs for Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and C#

Gain operational intelligence that helps the business.

  • Monitor the usage of your services and gain critical business insights around service costs, consumption rates and to make more informed decisions around vendor pricing and usage-based customer discounts
  • Provide application usage data such as response time metrics and traffic analysis so customers can improve application efficiency
  • Monitor customer churn and proactively identify subscribers that are at-risk