Splunk. The search engine for IT data.

Splunk is software that indexes and securely manages all your logs and IT data. It's easy to download, install and use and it's very powerful. System administrators, developers and even business users can search, navigate, alert and report on logs and IT data from any application, server or network device in real time.

Splunk Server

Splunk Server is a high performance software server designed specifically for logs and IT data. The Splunk Server indexes IT data from ANY source. No need to configure it for specific formats, write regular expressions or change your logging format. Search mountains of data by time, keywords, type of event, source, host or relationships to other events. Index thousands of sources and terabytes of data -- as it happens. Download Splunk for Linux, Unix, Solaris, Free BSD or Mac OS X. It installs in minutes and uninstalls without a trace.

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Splunk Base

Have you ever wondered, what is that in my log file? Now you can look it up at Splunk Base. It's the community knowledge base of IT events and information where IT professionals can interact with other experts working with similar applications and technologies. Lookup events directly from your Splunk Server's search results or right from the Splunk Base website. Share in-depth information about specific events recorded by any application, server or network device. You can download event tags and descriptions, Save Splunks and Live Splunks for specific technologies right to your own Splunk Server.

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Splunk Powered

Your Splunk Server can help you leverage your investments in other IT management solutions for applications, servers, networks and security. BMC Application Manager, CA Unicenter, EMC Smarts, HP Openview, IBM Tivoli, IBM Micromuse Managed Objects, Netcool, Nagios, Quest Big Brother all easily integrate with Splunk. Launch in context Splunk searches directly from your management console by time, host, network segment or application container. Send your Live Splunk alerts to your console along with a permalink to the Splunk search that generated the alert. Splunk can easliy compliment your level one component monitoring and alerting with multi-component alerting and deep dive diagnosis.

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