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Splunk’s cloud solutions make it easy to gain visibility into applications and infrastructure across your cloud and on-premises environments. With SaaS and software options, as well as apps and integrations for native cloud data, Splunk’s cloud solutions let you leverage cloud with the security, visibility and assurance you need.

  • Splunk Cloud™ (Splunk Enterprise as a cloud-service)
  • Splunk® Enterprise on AWS
  • Splunk Apps for AWS
  • Hunk® Integration with Amazon EMR and S3
  • Amazon Machine Images

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  • Technical Brief Deploying Splunk Enterprise on AWS
  • Fact Sheet Splunk and Amazon Web Services
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    Splunk Cloud
Splunk Cloud Free Online Sandbox

Why Splunk Cloud?

If you're looking for all the benefits of Splunk Enterprise with all the benefits of software-as-a-service, then look no further. Splunk Cloud is backed by a 100% uptime SLA, scales to over 10TB/day, and offers a highly secure environment. It makes life easy so you can go home early.

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Customer Success Story

Splunk Cloud at MindTouch

MindTouch depends on Splunk Cloud to deliver their cloud-based service with 24x7 reliability. Watch this video to find out how Splunk Cloud helped MindTouch gain business insights as well as triple its customer base without increasing its DevOps headcount.

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Splunk Enterprise on AWS

Splunk Enterprise is perfect for deploying on AWS. It's self-contained and can be easily deployed on any EC2 instance to deliver operational intelligence without the wait to internally provision hardware. Splunk Enterprise also scales horizontally, making it ideal for an AWS deployment.

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Splunk Apps for AWS

Splunk Apps for AWS include data inputs and prepackaged searches, reports and dashboards to deliver powerful insights into your AWS environment. Analyze data from AWS services such as CloudTrail, Config, Cloudwatch, Elastic Load Balancing, Billing and S3.

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Splunk App for Amazon Web Services

Ensure security and compliance in your AWS account by leveraging AWS CloudTrail and Config to monitor user activity and resource configuration in real time.

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Hunk App for AWS Elastic Load Balancing

Gain visibility and insight into the health of your AWS ELB service so you can quickly analyze traffic trends and identify and troubleshoot application status issues.

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Hunk Integration with Amazon EMR and S3

Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop and NoSQL Data Stores is now integrated with Amazon Elastic MapReduce and S3. Pay for Hunk by the hour or bring your own license to easily analyze data stored in Amazon EMR or S3. Gain analytics with the click of a button.

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Amazon Machine Images

Fast track your Splunk software deployment with AMIs for Splunk Enterprise and Hunk. Splunk AMIs bundle an AWS EC2 server, Splunk software and an operating system to get you up and running in just a few clicks.

Splunk Enterprise AMI

The latest version of Splunk Enterprise
preconfigured for use in AWS.

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Hunk AMI

The latest version of Hunk preconfigured
for use in AWS.

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