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Global Impact

The power of data. The potential for progress.

At Splunk we believe purpose, innovation and great people are the key to harnessing the power of data to create positive change on a global scale.

At Splunk, our purpose is to build a safer and more resilient digital world. That includes making a difference and putting data to work to drive lasting positive change.

Add unique value

We provide technology and expertise to help impact organizations succeed.

Drive collaboration

We work on solutions across civil society, business and government.

Innovate for impact

We explore new solutions to meet the most urgent needs.

Embrace our stakeholders

We look at the big picture and consider our impacts on everyone involved.

Bridging the data divide 

There is a huge disparity today between the use of data to create commercial value and using it to solve social and environmental challenges. We’re working to change that.

In a world where technology can illuminate patterns, efficiencies and solutions, ensuring access for impact organizations is the key to the future. Splunk is working to mobilize collective action, to unlock the power of data and to help create a more resilient future where solving humanity’s most pressing problems is a universal effort.

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Visit the Data Divide Hub
Visit the Data Divide Hub

Our Pillars

Global impact’s shared priorities

Our areas of focus reflect our company values, what matters to our stakeholders and where we can make a real difference. 

Social impact

We are on a mission to empower employees, nonprofits, academic institutions and businesses to harness the power of data to solve today’s most pressing social challenges. Our focus is providing technology, tools, training, financial resources and talent to drive change, enable access and help build a more resilient and equitable future.

social impact

Ethical and inclusive growth

Inviting more voices into the conversation and bringing more ideas to the table is key to unlocking our full potential. By prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB), supporting our people and their careers, and building equity into our value chain, we positively impact our company and the global community.


Data responsibility

With digitalization comes exponential data growth. The potential is great, and so is the responsibility. As data experts, people turn to Splunk to help them build resiliency that accelerates their impact. Whether we’re helping a customer solve a business problem or a nonprofit bridge the data divide, we stay true to our values.

data responsibility

Environmental sustainability

Data will play a critical role in managing the impacts of climate change and reducing our carbon footprint. By identifying, measuring and reducing the environmental impacts of our operations, we are also uncovering innovative approaches to today’s greatest environmental challenges.


Transparency, accountability and a data-driven commitment

At Splunk, we place  high priority on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Across Splunk, we’re focused on these three key objectives:

  • Integrate ESG across the business.
  • Advance the Global Impact strategy.
  • Innovate through our global climate resilience and innovation strategy.
esg resources


Collaborating to harness the power of data

Nonprofit partners

Our partners span the global nonprofit sector, including communities, NGOs and academic and research institutions.

We build deep relationships with nonprofits through our social impact programs, which include donations of Splunk products and training, partnerships with academic and research institutions, strategic grantmaking, technology innovation and volunteer and pro bono service. 

nonprofit partners


Splunk’s customers include corporations, government and nonprofits. We work across sectors to help them achieve their missions and ESG goals.

We work with our customers to build a safer and more resilient world. As data volumes grow and organizations undergo digital transformations, many customers turn to Splunk as a trusted partner to navigate issues around data responsibility, privacy and the ethical use of data.


Business partners

We integrate ESG principles as we continue to expand our ecosystem of partners and suppliers.

With the rapid growth in our numbers of partners and suppliers, Splunk recognizes our growing potential and increased responsibility to encourage ESG and environmentally sustainable practices and prioritize supplier diversity.

business partners

Investors and analysts

Many investors and analysts share our belief that ESG factors support the success of our business, our customers and our planet.

We continually examine the ESG issues that matter most to the investor and analyst community – and to our world. We respond through transparency, accountability and direct dialogue.



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