Demonstrating the positive social impact of data

Splunk believes data can make a difference. By participating in Splunk's corporate social responsibility program Splunk4Good you can create projects that have real social impact and support like-minded community efforts. Splunk4Good extends Splunk's corporate values in support of positive social impact and change. The Splunk4Good initiative seeks to:

  • Create social value data projects
  • Enable nonprofits to create projects through the Splunk Nonprofit Licensing Program
  • Advocate more access to data that can be used for public good
  • Expand social and financial support through public-interest hack days, developer summits and data science contests
  • Participate in technology mentorship programs

Splunk software's capacity to visualize and query big data has the potential for significant positive social impact, some of which Splunk4Good is already demonstrating. For example:

Social value data projects

Election data and civic participation: Splunk and Rock the Vote have created an unprecedented election-related data visualization initiative. Working together, Rock the Vote and Splunk have built a window into the online conversation about the US presidential election, displaying a constantly updated, unique set of real-time data visualizations of 2012 political social media content.

Cybersecurity: Splunk supports its innovative engineering staff in devoting their time to projects that have a positive impact on the world. Current projects include building cybersecurity tools to detect and stop botnet attacks, in which millions of individual computers (bots) are harnessed into networks that perpetrate some of the most threatening types of denial of service and other attacks on the workings of the internet. Splunk is creating tools to facilitate the early, proactive detection of security incidents.

Splunk4Good nonprofit licensing

Splunk is making licenses available to select nonprofits (US-based 501c3 organizations with budgets below $1m annually) at no cost. Organizations can apply online and must provide a specific use case and impact plan. Our first set of nonprofit Splunk4Good licensees include the jQuery Project, MusicBrainz and Hospice of Medina.

Data access

Splunk supports White House CTO Todd Park's perspective that "data [should be made] liquid and accessible for beneficial use while rigorously protecting privacy." Splunk believes that the more accessible machine data streams available in Splunk-ready formats, the more positive impact we can have. Splunk4Good's rallying cry: #PonyUp will engage the technology community and inspire data sources to make more useful data available for public use.

Sponsoring hack days, training programs and tech challenges

Splunk was a proud sponsor of the San Francisco site of the first-ever Space Apps Challenge (Splunk coders won awards in two categories), the 2012 National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition in San Antonio, Texas, and the Data Science Hackathon. At Splunk's annual user conference we recognized the first winners of the Splunk "Apps for Good" challenge. We will continue to sponsor more developer-focused events with social value goals as Splunk4Good evolves, including the JQuery Developer Summit, 2012 Code For America Summit and Year Up's Annual San Francisco Gala.