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OpenSSL "Heartbleed" Security Updates

April 10th, 2014: Splunk has fixed and made available for download a 6.0.3 maintenance release to address two vulnerabilities found in OpenSSL. Read more on our latest blog post.

How to Report a Splunk Vulnerability

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Splunk Product Security Policy


Splunk maintains a policy of evaluating all potential security vulnerabilities that are discovered internally or externally within 48 hours of discovery.

Splunk uses the Common Vulnerability Scoring System Version 2 to rate vulnerabilities. CVSSv2 is an industry-standard rating system for security incidents. Scores are calculated using the best available analysis and metrics and are included in all vulnerability announcements.


Splunk maintains the following policy of responsible vulnerability fixing:

  • Splunk releases, including maintenance, minor and major releases, will include cumulative fixes for vulnerabilities that are found, verified and able to be fixed within the timeframe of the release.
  • Splunk will issue releases to fix vulnerabilities for all applicable and supported versions.
  • In the case of critical risk, high impact vulnerabilities, Splunk will make all reasonable effort to expedite maintenance releases for all affected versions.
  • In the case of critical risk, high impact vulnerabilities, Splunk will make all reasonable effort to supply patches, assuming that patches are a viable stop-gap for customers who cannot otherwise upgrade Splunk.


Splunk maintains the following policy of responsible disclosure:

  • Splunk will announce vulnerabilities via, www.splunk.com, Splunk Product Security Announcements and CVE.
  • Splunk will not publicly announce security vulnerabilities until fixes are publicly available.
  • For critical risk, high impact vulnerabilities, Splunk may contact customers that are especially vulnerable in order to recommend mitigations in the case that a fix is not yet available.
  • Splunk will not release the exact details of vulnerabilities.

Splunk Product Security Best Practices

Harden all Splunk Instances per Splunk Hardening Standards

Application of some or all of the Splunk Hardening Standards, which are located in the Securing Splunk manual, will help mitigate the risk and impact of most vulnerabilities.

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